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  1. Personally, I think I would keep it and use it till the threads were bad enough to require sending it in for warranty. A light coating of nail polish/head cement or uv resin would prolong the life of the thread. Don’t know if that would affect the warranty though.
  2. There is a post by Steve Longfield on Facebook, about a found rod on the Old man. Facebook Alberta Flyfishing.
  3. Brian, I’ll be out and about for a bit today. I could easily drop by Bass Pro and check out if they have a cradle net if you like let me know.
  4. I’ve had zero experience with the Nile creek kick boat and can’t comment on their quality. However I do know a little bit about Hypalon material. You know all those big, round antennae’s mounted on the tops of communication towers? That white covering you see is Made out of a Hypalon material. I know because I used to install them, did so for over 40 years. There are not many environments that are tougher on hardware than you see at the tops of those towers. I’m not saying the tarps wouldn’t fail, we would get up to 10 years out of them but it was never the Hypalon material that failed. It was the sewed seams of the pie shaped sections that would give out. now, translate that into a boat floating down the river, brushing up against rocks and sharp tree branches. I know which one I would choose.
  5. I totally agree with Silverdoctor. Surely we can just hang on for a couple of months.
  6. Here is my grow op. Bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and asparagus oops, the pictures are upside down. The tomatoes are about 10” tall.
  7. Those are great photos Lornce. I really liked the one where the trout were eating with just their snouts poking through.
  8. Hey Wayne, I have an older Sage 8 Wt FLI series that you could take out for a day if you like. Personally, I fish a 6 WT for pike. I don’t catch anything big enough to have considering a bigger rod. I know there are big pike out there, I just don’t seem to catch any over 30 inches. Murray
  9. Missed your PM back this summer.

    Still have the hat and am coming to Calgary next week.



    1. murray


      Hi, I have a couple of things going on next week but I’m interested in the hat if you still want to sell it.  Give me a shout or let me know which day your coming in and maybe we can meet up for a coffee somewhere.  403 281 7537(H) 587 891 1923 (C)


  10. When are you going to win town? Do you have a vehicle,The weather for the next couple of days will be decent, give me a shout and I can show you a few access points if I'm not busy.
  11. I suspect that everyone that has a favorite 4 wt will recommend that particular brand. The number of choices is limitless, from fast action graphite to slower, full flex graphite to different glass rods. I personally have an Orvis mid priced rod. It's a great rod and you can cast it all day long. If price is a major consideration, I suggest you have a look at the Echo lineup. They perform very well and have a warranty as well.its hard to beat the price but broken rods will still be out of service for at least a couple of weeks while they ship you a new section. TFO rods. Have an outlet in Calgary , they are competitively priced and are worth checking out too. If you would like to give my Orvis a try, let me know, I'm always up for a fishing trip. Murray oops, I forgot to speak about length of rod. All I can really say is my own personal preference. All of my small stream rods are shorter. I find that it is much easier to do a little bush whacking. The streams are all small as far as width goes and you are not trying to get 60 ft. Casts. A 30 ft cast is all you really need.
  12. Thanks, looks like a different format this year.
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