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  1. Will a Youtube or other video be posted afterwards for those that can't make the presentation? Thanks Adams
  2. If you are concerned about the Grassy Mountain coal mine and its effects on our waterways, fishing and existing economies in the Pass, you can leave a comment for the panel here: https://iaac-aeic.gc.ca/050/evaluations/proj/80101/participation I have already registered my firm opposition to this project as I believe it is a very poor and short-sighted investment with a terrible risk/reward profile. 400 temporary jobs (the mine only has a 23 year life span) that will generate only about $100 million/year in tax revenue, yet potentially threaten the existing perpetually s
  3. I think first we need to control the out of province anglers and guides. Simple to do..... increase fees 10x for them and/or implement system similar to BC. That may or may not, in itself, restore our streams and our fishing experience. If further action is needed, I would fully support a regulated rod-day system on our most pressured streams (Oldman, Livingston etc.). I would, personally, much rather be permitted to only fish these streams for a few days a season, and have a restricted amount of anglers on that day, than have the free-for-all we have now. I think this would be healthy f
  4. I hope the Govt takes this report and specifically the Recommendations section seriously and gets serious about WD. In the meantime, the only thing we can do (besides petition the Govt) is to be extra careful. The COVID thing has had a positive side-effect in limiting the American anglers, albeit too late.
  5. I've been trying to get Kold Kutters but can only find them in the states and by the time you pay shipping, duty etc. they get expensive. Have you found a place to buy them in Canada??
  6. Hope these aren't being bought with COVID bucks.
  7. Anyone else notice a lot of green seaweed-looking stuff on the streambed of the middle section of the Oldman? The area around the Gap was absolutely carpeted in it last year (haven't been there this year) and now this year I noticed it up further (close to the confluence). I don't recall seeing it in year's past. Noticed it on the Crowsnest last year too (again, haven't been this year). Does anyone know what it is? Where it came from? Is it harmful in any way to the fish or environment? Adams
  8. I had the exact same experience (probably on that exact same river). Cutties are becoming more like browns with all the pressure.
  9. I carried a camera on my vest for years, but had to jettison it because my back is so bad that even that little bit of weight makes a difference (terrible getting old:). Same goes for the bear spray.... hope I never need it. I have sent pictures in before, and even had a quadder who was tearing up the blackstone confronted by officers (he eventually got off with just a warning despite my pictures and report). These ones on the Fallentimber are very easy to find and there are quadders camped right there. If the government did even a half ass job they would periodically patrol and investigate th
  10. Not related to the Castle area specifically, but I was on the Fallentimber yesterday and saw many ATV crossings that had "burned/revved" the banks down into 6 foot high ditches on each side that would be absolute torrents of mud entering the river every time it rains. Looked like someone has driven a bulldozer across each one. Understandably the river was full of muddy silt below each one. Absolutely no justification for this from anyone or any group as far as I'm concerned. These machines have the capability to do so much damage and destruction, even in the hands of only a few idiot owners, t
  11. No, only ever had Simms or Chota. Also tried Redington and they were even wider. I'll look into Orvis and Patagonia. Thanks.
  12. Do you re-felt them yourself or is there a service like a shoe shop somewhere that does this? Thanks Adams
  13. I've worn Simms (Freestones and Guide) boots for decades, but lately they seem to be making them all for extra wide feet (3W width) and my regular width feet slip around inside them (even with the neoprene booty). I could wear a couple pairs of extra socks, but that's not a great option on a hot summer's day. Does anyone have a recommendation for good wading boots that are narrower (regular) width? I don't have any good fly shops close by to shop around, so I tend to have my wife pick me up a pair when she travels to Calgary. Thanks Adams
  14. I also loved the Chotas but can't find them anymore. Funny how when they finally produce a really good product they stop making them. I have Simms freestones (vibram sole) and I"ve had the felt sole version in the past. I find the vibram a little thin and can feel some rocks at the end of the day compared to the felt. You will also need to spend another $62 or so to put star cleats on the vibram sole, otherwise I find the boots dangerously slippery on the stream bed. You also want to buy some extra star cleats because some will fall out and/or loosen during the season. The felt version i
  15. Del, Good on you for such a positive attitude. You fished through some of the toughest and strangest weather I've seen for this time of year. However, I expect you had the place pretty much to yourself as not many would bother to venture out in those conditions. September usually has very good weather for fishing but you hit it at a very bad time unfortunately. Glad to hear you had a good time regardless. Adams
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