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  1. Seen this done at the on the Cowichan River at Skutz Falls, but only the other way, we were taking out!
  2. Brian has always done the service on my jets over the years. He is a great guy.
  3. Yes, you can. Access down there is pretty good albeit a winding road down to the river but if you drive slow, it's not bad at all in good weather. Enjoy your day with your pup!
  4. Have been in self isolation for about a week now and have completed many projects that were needing to be done. Organized my fly boxes, inventoried my rods and reels, organized all my tippets spools (where did i get all of this tippet form?), and binge watching breaking bad. Taken a few drives to get out but the weather has only been so so as of late. Lornce, thanks for the flies, they all look great and i look forward to trying them out. Hopefully the weather will warm and a guy can get out on the river soon. Maybe try to learn the spey fishing and take you up on your offer Doc! Be well everyone, stay healthy and be positive! We will get through this! Cheers
  5. Let's keep our fingers crossed this moves along in a timely manner!
  6. All the best Paul, let's get some time in on the river this year!! Merry XMAs to you and yours!
  7. I was born and raised in Duncan, and fished the Cow growing up before heading out to Calgary along time ago. There are some good runs above Skutz Falls (make sure you have a map as the Falls are wicked and you would have to get out before then. There is a nice run from Lake Cowichan to Skutz that has lots of nice runs but you really need a boat as access is little to none. Below Skutz there are lots of areas where you can do some walk and wading, or float. Be aware of high water as the river can be dangerous at that time. I did a float a couple years ago with Kenzies Fishing out of Cowichan Lake and we floated the section above Skutz and did quite well. Lots of browns! You can also check with Buckys Sporting Goods in Duncan (if there still there). They would have tons of advice for the Cow for you as well. Be ready to fish in the rain, and be wintered up as it can be cold, especially when floating. Say hi to one of my favorite rivers for me while you are there, it is a great place to spend time on the water! Cheers
  8. Great video!! No way i can do that anymore! Nice to remember being that young again!
  9. Whiteswan Lake is an awesome fishery. I know of the rivers surrounding them so i would make sure to check the regs on what might be open at that time of year and whether or not it might be classified such as the White River. There are a couple of campgrounds surrounding the lake such as Pak Rat, and Home Basin. There are many more up poast whiteswan that are great for river fishing, when allowed. Also recommend that you check to see if the water is still in run off, if going to fish it. I like Home Basin and area to camp. PM if you would like some more detail. Cheers
  10. I have had some problems getting anything from Hyde and yes, shipping is very expensive. Even the on line ordering is a pain, and they don't seem to care about it. Maybe there making enough American money and they don't like ours!
  11. Wow, I what’s up with that. Secure the Bow of the boat to a tree on the shore before you try to move it off the rocks. What is the “Calgary” Fire Department boat doing here in the first place, isn’t this outside the city limits? Are they now responsible for property recovery? IMHO if the Fire Department is having trouble finding places to cut their 122 Million dollar budget this boat is the first place to start. It was the Foothills Fired Department and they tried a few different methods to get it off the rocks. They were doing their best but hindsight is 20/20
  12. I have about 20 minutes of video of FFD trying to free the boat BEFORE it actually got away from them. I will send them an email to see if they would like to use any or all of the videos i took in hopes they might want to review and possibly get some learning from the video. When i first seen the FFD discussing the recovery yesterday, they asked me if i knew who owned the boat. I don't. I thought that was a little weird as they told me they rescued the two of them the day before? Not sure what that says.
  13. I was down today watching the Fire Department try to recover the boat. Unfortunately it did not go well as the boat ended up sinking after them getting it off the rocks. The boat floated down past the island and the fire department were still working on the recovery when i left. Don't know how to download the video but do have lots of pics and video on the efforts of the recovery Glad everyone got out safe which is the most important thing.
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