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  1. Whiteswan Lake is an awesome fishery. I know of the rivers surrounding them so i would make sure to check the regs on what might be open at that time of year and whether or not it might be classified such as the White River. There are a couple of campgrounds surrounding the lake such as Pak Rat, and Home Basin. There are many more up poast whiteswan that are great for river fishing, when allowed. Also recommend that you check to see if the water is still in run off, if going to fish it. I like Home Basin and area to camp. PM if you would like some more detail. Cheers
  2. I have had some problems getting anything from Hyde and yes, shipping is very expensive. Even the on line ordering is a pain, and they don't seem to care about it. Maybe there making enough American money and they don't like ours!
  3. Wow, I what’s up with that. Secure the Bow of the boat to a tree on the shore before you try to move it off the rocks. What is the “Calgary” Fire Department boat doing here in the first place, isn’t this outside the city limits? Are they now responsible for property recovery? IMHO if the Fire Department is having trouble finding places to cut their 122 Million dollar budget this boat is the first place to start. It was the Foothills Fired Department and they tried a few different methods to get it off the rocks. They were doing their best but hindsight is 20/20
  4. I have about 20 minutes of video of FFD trying to free the boat BEFORE it actually got away from them. I will send them an email to see if they would like to use any or all of the videos i took in hopes they might want to review and possibly get some learning from the video. When i first seen the FFD discussing the recovery yesterday, they asked me if i knew who owned the boat. I don't. I thought that was a little weird as they told me they rescued the two of them the day before? Not sure what that says.
  5. I was down today watching the Fire Department try to recover the boat. Unfortunately it did not go well as the boat ended up sinking after them getting it off the rocks. The boat floated down past the island and the fire department were still working on the recovery when i left. Don't know how to download the video but do have lots of pics and video on the efforts of the recovery Glad everyone got out safe which is the most important thing.
  6. You know it really sucks when you lose one of your best fishing friends. Life is short. Shorter than i ever expected. I will always have great memories of spending time on the water, sitting by the fire, camping in remote locations, and sharing stories, thoughts, observations, and just being yourself, with my buddy. You almost take it for granted that we will be around forever, but then, just like that, it changes. Never will it be the same anymore. Times that you spent together are now a favorite memory, with no future trips or excursions planned as a result. I am not the first to lose a great friend, as we all do or will eventually, but my point is, cherish the times with your fishing buddy/s. Don't get bent out of shape if you have to wait to put in for your float, don't complain about the fish not biting, instead, take a breath, close your eyes and enjoy life. Be happy that you have someone that you can share time with doing the same things you like to do. Take a minute to tell your buddy how much you appreciate their friendship. I miss my friend Henry, who passed away last April. He was truly one of my very best friends, and to this day, i feel empty knowing there will never be any more fun times spent with him, just memories. When i do get out fishing or camping, he is always with me in spirit, but it will never be the same again. I know he would want me to continue on, carry on, and go on, but it is still tough without him. Thanks for letting me post this, and please, enjoy and value your time with your buddy/s and always cherish them.
  7. Hey Paul, Look me up this spring or summer and we can take the Hyde out for some fish runs. Love to hook you up to some fishes! Happy New Year!
  8. Yeah pretty sure. I changed the valve already and it didnt make any difference. Very frustrating trying to find a pin hole leak! Grrr
  9. Hi everyone and Happy Holidays ( i can say that right?). Looking for someone who can do bladder repairs on a pontoon boat? Is there anyone out that does that kind of stuff? Also have some leaky waders that need repair as well. I have looked all over for the leak on the pontoon bladder but have not been successful. Ditto for the waders but more concerned for the pontoon bladder. It is in good shape otherwise. Any help is always much appreciated! Thanks in advance! Cgyguy
  10. Merry Christmas to all my friends on here, and to all of us who love this wonderful sport! Cheers
  11. Thanks Sanky and Angler. Two good choices! Angler, I will keep you posted! Cheers Ralph
  12. Looking for recommendations for someone to do some minor type repairs on my Hyde. Needs a little touch up fiberglass work, and possibly some paint. Would prefer someone who has their own business for this type of thing. Thanks in advance! Cgyguy
  13. Great article Lornce! Looking forward to your flies next year! Ralph
  14. I spoke to Mel and he said the river puts ins and take outs are good all the way from Glenmore to Carseland.
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