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  1. I’m interested. 
    Where in the NW are you?

  2. I have used a plastic tool box for several years but just like my gear box, it is getting full.
  3. I have both Apple TV and a Raw Media box running a Unix OS. Don't know if I can give up cable yet. Downloading is a no no but you can stream all you want. But to stream you need a high speed internet connection, not just you basic connection. You also need to ensure you have a strong wifi throughput where ever you place your box. Also new movies on the internet start with very low res camcorder quality followed by SD then 720 and then 1080 4-5 months layer. Also getting local live tv news is iffy. It might be there in Kodi one month but will disappear the next month.
  4. Yes I also the number of tables decreasing at the TU tackle swap. Is this an indication of lack of interest in keeping the promoting the fly fishing industry in the area? Didn't they cancel a tackle swap a few years ago too?
  5. Yes I did notice over the last couple of years there seemed to be less exhibitors every year. Even a few local fishing shops have pulled out. Hopefully there will be one in 2018 ......
  6. Should be looking at more closures, not just today's new closures. Let's protect our fisheries!
  7. Thx for the info. In reading the posting rules I need to have 10 posts before I can post to this forum. Must be why the black box in white text says " You cannot start a new topic"
  8. How do I post a new item to the Trading Post forum? I don't see an icon to post a new item.
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