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  1. Good afternoon! Can anyone tell me when the road to MAC is open...I have heard April 7th and April 15th? Thanks very much!
  2. I have rowed with both and I prefer the non balanced oars but that is because that is what I row with 98% of the time in my Hyde. Mt friends clacka has the balanced oars which I do struggle with until I get use to them. Honestly, I would save your money and buy a new rod!
  3. I just have one more comment to make on this issue....Why have we NOT seen any fly fishing publications and or their web-sites talking about this very issue or have I missed something?
  4. Thanks for sharing your pics...I truly needed this! I need to go fishing!!!
  5. Upper Stauffer is open but with too much snow to safely walk around...beaver runs! I have not heard about Timberstone but the little Red is still very frozen but starting to break up so I assume the same for Timberstone

  6. Fibre X in Airdre is who I used this past year. They are located out past the airport...good work!
  7. I used Melfor the past couple of years! Great service!
  8. sanky


    Thanks for all your replies and insights!
  9. sanky


    Thanks everyone for your insight! Last year a week before the May long week-end we were dry flying with cadis and having a hoot with both large rainbow and browns! Epic actually
  10. sanky


    Thanks for the replys! I also wonder if it has something to do with water level...low water= warmer water. Low water = easier to rise and eat dries than if there was deeper water?
  11. Thanks Don and yes read them carefully and answer them with future generations in mind!
  12. sanky


    I have fly fished for many, many years but I am baffled on the following question and I hope there is some clarification here. Why do fish not take BWO off the surface in the spring on the Bow like they do in the fall? Curious to see the answers...
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