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  1. Upper Stauffer is open but with too much snow to safely walk around...beaver runs! I have not heard about Timberstone but the little Red is still very frozen but starting to break up so I assume the same for Timberstone

  2. Fibre X in Airdre is who I used this past year. They are located out past the airport...good work!
  3. I used Melfor the past couple of years! Great service!
  4. sanky


    Thanks for all your replies and insights!
  5. sanky


    Thanks everyone for your insight! Last year a week before the May long week-end we were dry flying with cadis and having a hoot with both large rainbow and browns! Epic actually
  6. sanky


    Thanks for the replys! I also wonder if it has something to do with water level...low water= warmer water. Low water = easier to rise and eat dries than if there was deeper water?
  7. Thanks Don and yes read them carefully and answer them with future generations in mind!
  8. sanky


    I have fly fished for many, many years but I am baffled on the following question and I hope there is some clarification here. Why do fish not take BWO off the surface in the spring on the Bow like they do in the fall? Curious to see the answers...
  9. I got checked on Tuesday heading to Fernie...plugs were out boat was clean, no problems...glad they are doing it!
  10. Here is my two cents! I am not happy with the new rules that have been put into place at all. You have to pre-book all tributaries to the Elk in advance...dont go there thinking that you can buy your tag the same day and fish the wigwam!!! But, I do go there with my wife and fish all day long for an extra $40.00 bucks a day. If I golf for 4 hours in BC or Alberta at a nice course, it cost me $85-$120 per person!!! Because of this extra sir charge of $20.00 per angler and having to book way in advance I will limit my time spent there. It seams that this is what the government of BC wants as well as the guides in BC...let me explain! Lets say "Tim" drives down from Montana this year and wants to fish Michel! He goes into the fly shop to buy his tag only to find out that there are none left to buy because the gov has limited the access to the river...but wait...the guided days on Michel and all other rivers have been upped so "Tim" is now offered a guided trip! The amount of out of province anglers have decreased in a huge way. Out of province also means out of country!!! Wait, are we in the same boat as the good old USA....cant be!!! But it is true. I have booked all my days already, a bill for my wife and I of almost $450.00 for the season. BUT WAIT! What if it rains? What if the river is not fishable? What if, what if, what if? You cant get a refund! Last year I was standing in line in Sparwood at 9am at the government building to buy my tags for the new system...the lady was awesome, she logged in and told me there were 14 tags for Michel left. She punched in my number I bought my tag...about 5 minutes latter I asked her to do the same for my two friends that were driving down the next day to meet me. I gave her their numbers and she requested the day BUT WAIT...it was now SOLD OUT! We can not fish together unless I eat the $20 bucks and book a different stream. We ended up floating the Elk. Sorry to be long winded but if you are planning a fishing vacation with your family and you want to fish down in the Fernie area, I suggest that you double check that you can actually buy a tag to the stream that you want to fish. I would also suggest that you send a little NOTE to the Premier of BC and cc the Fisheries person with your concerns. I for one do go there to Fish, however I now rarely support the hotels, grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations etc. I have spoke with numerous business owners in Sparwood and Fernie and they knew nothing about this change a how it may affect them...
  11. so sorry to hear of your retirement...do you row?
  12. sanky


    A good friend and great angler and I were having a discussion about the "what and how behind the spawn of fish" So for a example...I think cause I dont know that the rainbows who seek the spawn up the highwood have to wait until the ice is gone in the HW before they start their mating journey? My friend thinks it has to do with the amount of day light hours? If any one can shed a little light on this I would appreciate the input... Thanks Tony
  13. I used to order my flies from there but after fishing them a season I found that after you caught one fish they were toast. I do not order there anymore...I hope the quality is better! Just my 2 cents
  14. I floated the river last Wednesday and most of the boats said it was fishing slow...we had a fantastic day...here was my recipe skud hook size 14 ( but tied like a 16) tie in greenish midge floss and hang off the bank until you wrap your dubbing. I use dark brown, dark green and a lite almost olive color. Wrap dubbing to the bead. Tie in your floss and only use one piece up the back for the casing. Now tie in the FLOSS legs as well. Tie them in sperate on either side of the bead but keep them longer than the hook....about 1/2 the length of the hook longer...whip finish and catch trout!
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