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  1. Like I mentioned earlier-- it does not look that good for even a take out spot.
  2. My thoughts exactly about this launch site. I checked it out last week and left thinking I must be missing something. There is no signage suggesting it is a boat launch or pull out. I also checked out Harvey Passage and water level was low. If rowing-- better have very short oars because parts are very narrow!!
  3. Good luck with that new knee, Don! I expect that once it is 100% that boat of your will go in circles!!
  4. Case of EYES BIGGER THAN STOMACH!! Saw a video of a snake that had to give up his half swallowed meal. Think the odd loon makes a miscalculation as well.
  5. You are correct. It is North and East. Thanks for correcting my directional lapse.
  6. I was browsing a 'Lost /Found Camera website and stumbled across this photo from a camera that was found at Bruce Lake just West of Calgary. Someone might be able to identify the fisherman. There might be a chance to recover the camera/card. Site: http://www.camerafound.com/found-photos/found-camera/found-nikon-coolpix-s610-bruce-lake-alberta4-1467.html
  7. Stirring the pot, Don?!!?? Must be a long and cold winter! Stay warm.
  8. I have New Sage rolling duffel. Moss green in color. Never got use. Asking 300. If you are interested. I can send pictures. 



    1. jnovlan


      Thanks for responding. My son is looking for one without wheels and less money. I appreciate your offer, though.


  9. You might want to check this out-- if you have not already seen it! Pretty cool rig. Not sure what cost would be.
  10. Not sure if this is 'really' fishing related-- but will give it a go. I am assisting a friend with moving his huge Koi from an outdoor pond to an indoor location for the winter. A few of the twenty Koi come in at about 20+ lbs so a big net is required. I would be most appreciative if anyone has a long handle large net that would work and would lend it out for a day. I could also be interested if someone has one for sale at a modest cost. Please PM me if you can help me out. Thanks. Jerry
  11. Great story! Love your perseverance-- a much better attribute than 'stubbornness'!! Hope you can get your team together for such a worthy cause.
  12. Great to watch a master craftsman at work! Also helps me to understand how bamboo rods are crafted and why they are so expensive! Loved the video-- and enjoy my chats with Don when we cross paths fishing.
  13. Sounds interesting-- but think I will pass on the lead!! Thanks for the research!
  14. Looking for something to wear for an Oktoberfest event-- male and female outfits-- complete or partial. Could purchase, rent, or borrow. If you can help-- just message me. I have not ruled out costume shops but not impressed with what is available for the price. Male-- L/XL Female: 14 Thanks
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