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Found 8 results

  1. A few weeks ago I was floating the Elk River in Fernie with my dad's buddy who has been a guide on the Bow, and the river systems around the Fernie area for the last 30+ years. We had 2 of the best days we've ever had dry fly fishing on the Elk and easily one of the best dry fly days of my life. Period. At one point during the day we got to chatting about the CW licensing system in BC and how difficult - and somewhat expensive it is - for an AB angler to get unguided days on the Elk and some of the other incredible smaller water systems in the area. I mentioned how I felt that some AB river systems had changed so much over the years with crowds, campers etc. and how much the fish populations & over-all health of the fish/river had changed as well. Not all for the better. I feel BC's CW licensing system has a great deal to do with how well the Kootenay river systems are managed & that AB could benefit from something similar to make sure our trout fisheries stay in good shape for future generations. So my first question is this; what are the pros/cons of a CW licensing system in AB? We continued to chat about this topic as we floated the Elk that day and got to chatting about the benefits of a 'ski-pass' like CW licensing system for rivers in the Kootenay zone - i.e. pay $250 and get a seasons pass to the Elk, Michel & Alexander Creek for example, or for a longer period of time, say 5-10+ days. We both agreed it would be best if it was a fly fishing only licensing system, that it was likely to increase traffic on the more popular systems, but could be set up with close support from outfitters and guides in the area to make sure it worked for all of those who rely on those river systems to make a living. This leads me to my second question; what are the pros/cons of this 'ski-pass' like licensing system? Very interested to hear the communities thoughts! RW
  2. On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, you are invited to spend an evening with Trout Unlimited Canada at the Canyon Meadows Theatre, Canyon Meadows Cinemas Bay 110-13226 Macleod Trail South, Calgary for our Finding Fontinalis fundraiser. An old gaucho’s tale inspired the search for a new world record brook trout; but the water, landscape and the culture surrounding it became the impetus to conserve and protect it all. Finding Fontinalis, a new feature film from Travis Lowe takes you to the heart of Patagonia and one of the last remaining, world-class brook trout fisheries. Featuring Bart Bonime, Bryan Gregson, Agustin Fox and Yvon Chouinard, Finding Fontinalis exposes you to both jaw-dropping landscapes and hook-jawed trout. Finding Fontinalis Official Trailer from Cinema Digital Productions on Vimeo. Your $25 ticket also provides access to a pre-screening reception featuring appetizers and a selection of micro brew beer provided by Alley Kat Brewing Company. Bart Bonime, one of the film’s stars, will also be on hand along with Finding Fontinalis Director Travis Lowe from Cinema Digital Productions. Trout Unlimited Canada staff including CEO Silvia D’Amelio will also be in attendance. This promises to be a great evening of fun and fundraising. If you purchase your tickets by Friday, October 21, 2016 you will automatically be entered into our prize draw for TUC logoed products and other great prizes. Reception starts as soon as the doors open at 6:30. Finding Fontinalis begins at 8:05pm. Don’t miss it! Tickets can be purchased online here: https://tucanada-wwwss31.ssl.supercp.com/sumac/sumac_start.php?package=ticketing2&allowhttp=t
  3. Hi fly fishers! You may be interest in knowing that an alliance of all river users within the City of Calgary is in the formation stage. For anyone using the city boat launches this is an important issue. Currently there are only 2 boat launches from a total of more than 8 that a trailered boat can access. They are Glenmore and Fish Creek. To be blunt, as the city has grown there has been a decrease in access. This has to change. Discussions have started with the City of Calgary officials that will hopefully see 17 Ave SE (Curshing Bridge) and Quarry Park added to the list of public access points. In addition, Harvie Passage Redevelopment will start later this year with a new low flow channel completed in 2017. This will allow for floats through the city core, taking out at either 17 Ave SE or Glenmore. If you are interested in getting involved in negotiations please keep in touch with this post. Regards: Fishteck
  4. There are a lot of nervous folks here in Calgary as we edge closer to flood season. As someone who lived in a community adjacent to the river, I will never forget what happened in June of 2013. The NDP have committed to nearly $297M in flood mitigation projects on the Elbow River. The linchpin of Elbow River flood mitigation will be the Springbank Dry Dam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp5Rut8CrmU. To date, shovels have not gone into the ground, and Calgary is no safer from floods today than it was in 2013. Calgary Herald, Don Braid: No flood projects yet, so pass the sandbags Here's the main problem: instead of addressing the cause, we are responding to the effects. Deterioration of riprarian areas in Eastern Slopes headwaters plays a very big role when it comes to flooding. Fens and other natural vegetation act as a natural sponge and can mitigate the impacts of flooding further downstream. Without a natural buffer in place, flood waters race out of the mountains and into the prairies at a torrid pace. Imagine what a $297M investment in our headwaters could accomplish with natural solutions to flood mitigation/prevention? I think it's time for a new approach.
  5. Earlier this week Calgary Councillor Shane Keating submitted an Administration Inquiry about vehicles driving in the Bow River (I wrote it ). His latest blog addresses the issue (again, I wrote it ). http://shanekeating.ca/minimizing-our-mark/ I don't want to see them close down the Graves Bridge launch, but they need to do something. We have talked about motion sensing cameras or other surveillance that may help.
  6. Hi friends, I am a newbie on Fly Fish Calgary. I just joined! I'm planning on going fishing with my family. I've searched a lot, but I can't seem to find a fishing spot in or near Calgary. If the trip is around a hour long (or slightly over), I'm okay with it. Do you guys know any good fishing spots? I don't do fly fishing, and my kids want to be able to keep their catch (within the size limit of course). I do realize that there are regulations on bait use. I've done some fishing up in Fort McMurray (I used to live there). Can you please help me? Jake
  7. After a great chat on this forum regarding community lakes, I'm at it again. http://pikepinksterab.blogspot.ca/2015/03/backyard-trout.html PS: I was out this afternoon on Bonavista and got into 4 really scrappy rainbows...not a bad way to finish off a Monday!
  8. Please post your stories of how the Bow River has changed post flood. Cushing Bridge - 17th Ave SE East Side under the bridge is inaccessible. Tall steep bank with no access to water or bridge from the North side. East Side - South to Inglewood Golf course is fenced, and is inaccessible. East Side - South there is a large rocky flat shore that you cannot reach accept by boat. East Side - North to the Harvie Passage has a deep shore line with fast running water. I estimate about four feet and deeper. From the edge, it drops straight down. There is still a lot of debris knotted against the shore line. West Side under the bridge in inaccessible. Waterline now above the old pathway. West Side - South has massive errosion damage. Tall 20 foot steep bank to the river. Water is deep on this side. West Side - North is accessible with a small peninsula that has developed at the end of the Harvie Passage. Went out Sunday afternoon to see how one of my favourite spots was doing? It's gone. I mean, I cannot stand on the same land I stood on before when I came here to fish. Didn't even get a nibble. Gave up too soon. I was to busy analyzing the river. The river has changed. Wow.
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