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  1. I have not received this survey via an AlbertaRelm email
  2. A few year end memories

    Wow!!! I would like to attend your Spring 2018 workshop
  3. Pics from the 2016-2017 Season

    Absolutely fantastic photos, clearly you had an outstanding season. Any personal bests caught?
  4. +1 for Coulee Brewing in Lethbridge! Will try Oldman River brewing as well.
  5. A long but extremely well written read
  6. Has Anyone Fly Fished Iceland?

    Reach out to Geoff Pieroway at Pieroway Rod Company. He fishes there every annually.
  7. my preference is always FishTales, however for the large box stores, wholesale was far better for fly fishing than Bass pro or Cabelas unfortunate that those folks have to work in the store closing morale until December and then look for jobs in a still tough economy.
  8. Hike-In Cutties

    great pictures!!!
  9. Perhaps Brodin Nets if Streamside falls through....
  10. Burning Chrome and Troutlover offer great advice. For your casting short list perhaps consider lighter gear. I too found the BVK quite heavy when I've fished several friends BVK's in 5wt and 6wt. Consider a look at the Orvis Recon line up. (also believe in the FFC trading post there is a forum member selling his 5wt (10') at a pretty sharp price)....you did clearly note a 6wt i realize....just sharing Finally, many of the fly shops are clearing out disco and demo rods. Perhaps phone around and you can score a deal on a 6wt if it suits your casting. Pieroway Note: My Dad grabbed an Element from Geoff last year and quite likes it. No customer service issues, you just need to realize that Geoff is not a 7day a week fly shop that you can stop by. Just make an appointment with him.
  11. Dfp - Muir Boatman Tied By Darren Maceachern

    Excited to tie a few of these up....
  12. I Take Pictures

    Really enjoy the pictures!
  13. Preface this post that I have no vested interest in Ottlites, just like finding killer deals and sharing them! So as information to FFC..... OttLite LED desk lamp is on sale at Costco for $27.99 ending this Sunday (August 6th, 2017). Natural Daylight LED bulb, three brightness settings, rubberized neck for flexibility of how light shines and USB charger built in. I'm new to tying but have found my Ottlite is perfect for my tying set up. Same light at Ottlite.com is $69.99 USD
  14. Cuttopia

    Great pictures....enjoyed the post
  15. Tips For Fighting/landing Larger Trout

    ^^Looked it up (I'm not young and hip). YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary ie: Your experience may be different from mine Carry on the fish discussion