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  1. Fishing licenses available on-line at albertarelm.com (unless you mean Parks Canada ones...in which case I am unsure)
  2. MS Auction 2018

    $325 on #2
  3. Was busy when I was there are 2:10pm
  4. As I was unsure of what T14 was (perils of being new-ish to fly fishing) thought this may help other forum members.... "T-14 is a very versatile material for constructing sinktips used when Skagit casting. The ’14’ means 14 grains per foot – it’s pretty bulky and sinks pretty fast, and it’s great for turning over and then sinking the big flies that are most often used when fishing in the Skagit style. Unfortunately pre-made T-14 tips aren’t readily available, and that means you need to cut the lengths that you want to fish and put loops on both ends. Rio sells T-14 in bulk spools as well as in packs that combine 30 feet of T-14 with some braided mono loops to be attached to the tip. Unless you’re going to turn your basement into a tip factory, the 30-foot packs probably work just fine." Source: Deneki.com
  5. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Great ties Big Foamy, I’m enjoying all the photos!
  6. Online Source for Big Streamers

    ^^ like that idea of keeping the business local. Great suggestion
  7. I have not received this survey via an AlbertaRelm email
  8. A few year end memories

    Wow!!! I would like to attend your Spring 2018 workshop
  9. Pics from the 2016-2017 Season

    Absolutely fantastic photos, clearly you had an outstanding season. Any personal bests caught?
  10. +1 for Coulee Brewing in Lethbridge! Will try Oldman River brewing as well.
  11. A long but extremely well written read
  12. Has Anyone Fly Fished Iceland?

    Reach out to Geoff Pieroway at Pieroway Rod Company. He fishes there every annually.
  13. my preference is always FishTales, however for the large box stores, wholesale was far better for fly fishing than Bass pro or Cabelas unfortunate that those folks have to work in the store closing morale until December and then look for jobs in a still tough economy.
  14. Hike-In Cutties

    great pictures!!!
  15. Perhaps Brodin Nets if Streamside falls through....