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  1. Whirling Disease

    I don't know if I would call 14yrs a quick process at all.
  2. On Sunday Aug 23 my nephew and I were questioned, by a Fish and Wildlife CO, about fishing the Jumping Pound. He stopped us in the Pine Top parking lot and explained to us that there was an emergency closure of the Jumping Pound, and many other rivers due to high temps and so on. I politely explained to him that all the rivers except one, reopened on the 21st. He seemed shocked by this info, but said it made sense after all the rain, and the cooler temps. I then asked him if he wanted to see our licenses, he said no and drove off. My question, should a CO not be the first one to know that these rivers have opened? Would he have not gotten a bulletin or something? How many fisherman did he prevent from fishing that weekend? Just curious if anyone else had an encounter like this.
  3. Some Hogs

  4. Bone/bull

    Beauties ! Very Nice
  5. First Pike On The Bow

    Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
  6. Morning Float South Of Calgary

    SJW work there as well?
  7. New To Ffc

    Welcome Mike
  8. Whitefish Id

    Don't care about either really.
  9. One Less Grizz

    Sounds fishy to me as well. Obviously, they did what anyone would do with a gun in your hand, at that time. However, i was a hunter when i was younger, and my gun was always loaded unless I was in a vehicle. Seems a little suspect to be out in bear country with and unloaded gun?? This is all just speculation, and we may never know the whole truth. Some things just don't add up.
  10. Some Small Rainbows

    WOW ------------- WOW!!! Well Done.
  11. Which Is Your Favorite Reel Maker?

    I guess ROSS, quite impressed with Orvis though.
  12. My First Bow River Trout...

    Pretty familiar story, i feel your pain. Happened to me regularily when i was starting out on the bow. The good news, theres always another day, and the bow never runs out of fish. Good luck to you, and remember to hang on when you do hook a good one.
  13. A Few From Today

    Professional Pics man. Nice work, and nice fish!
  14. Turtles, Turtles, Yeh, Yeh, Yeh.

    Nice Photo Terry. I have good photo ops once in awhile, never seem to have the camera ready though.
  15. What Should I Look For In Waders

    I bought some middle of the road Simms, and some Korker boots. Must say i am very impressed, and it didn't cost that much. The waders are breathable with the neoprene socks. I think the main thing is comfort, cause you will spend a fair amount of time in them. Make sure you can kneel down and get back up easily. I don't think you can go wrong with SIMMS. Later.