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  1. Upper Stauffer is open but with too much snow to safely walk around...beaver runs! I have not heard about Timberstone but the little Red is still very frozen but starting to break up so I assume the same for Timberstone

  2. I own the older fishpond delta. It’s a nice pack but there are some things I’m not a huge fan of. The pouch with the water proof zipper doesn’t make much sense as there are holes in the bottom of it, and it is not very comfortable to wear on really long trips and you might need to switch shoulders (if your carrying a lot), but that could be the case with most sling packs.
  3. Neat, thanks for posting this great info.
  4. Super excited to get back to a southern river that apparently holds big fat rainbows. I have spent a lot of days searching for one but have only found little guys, but that’s what makes it exciting.
  5. A car wash? lol. Pretty sure if you want to wash your car on your driveway you can't use soap. For washing other things I guess you could use environmentally friendly soaps.
  6. I’ve been reading a lot on steelheading and steelhead/salmon flies so I went to the bench and tied up some steelhead inspired streamers for the bow. Not having all the materials typically needed, I just used what I had. Where does everyone like to get their materials for their steelhead/salmon flies? And if things couldn’t get worse now I want to try tying on tubes
  7. I got checked in the city, and had forgot my licence in my jacket coat that I didn't bring that day by accident. He was a pretty chill dude, he said it's no biggy in the city because they have cell service. Gave him my drivers and he checked it online asked me a few questions and went on his way.
  8. Did you give them permission? Why not just boot them off your property?
  9. Should be studying, instead tying these bad boys dreaming of browns and bulls!
  10. Did one get a hold of your finger too? They have definitely moved up into the city section in the past couple weeks!
  11. I use an echo 3 8’6 4wt. Love the action, price and the warranty.
  12. Hey it’s me... your long lost other kid, take me for a walk.
  13. I’m not trying to be rude, but why do you do this? Why not use the welded loop, just keep an eye on your line once in a while to make sure it’s not going to fail?
  14. If I wasn’t in school this September, I would love to go with Rick again on his build a trip. The sous-vide bbq brisket and his great stories, plus tossing a fly? Worth every penny! add that it’s going to a great cause and it’s a win win win!
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