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  1. Staying in olds for a couple of nights, any trout streams close by ?
  2. I also grew up swinging wet flies, hadn’t used this technique for years, tied some coach y bonddu and diawl Bach to use on the little smoky, had a blast, caught a shed full of small grayling
  3. Tried it on my first crack on the little smoky, swinging a diawl Bach and a coch y bonddu, had a blast, caught around 30 grayling between 4 and 10 inches
  4. Been Stillwater flyfishing around stony plain since moving to Canada, I’m hankering after what I’m used to some stream fishing, looking at rivers like prairie creek, bow river etc, what I’m used to is fishing a wet fly, wading downstream casting at right angles to the flow, just wondering if this works in Canada or just stick to streamers and nymphs under an indicator
  5. Thanks for the info much appreciated
  6. Going to golden bc beginning of september, looking to fish for a few hours, any recommendations for trout streams close by, staying near blaeberry, maybe the blaeberry river ?
  7. Does this mean the likes of prairie creek will be brown till june, went there this morning, about 3” visibility
  8. Took a drive to prairie creek this morning, ice free but brown, 3 to 4 inch visibility, threw a white streamer about for 10 mins then gave up
  9. Anyone know if prairie creek is ice free yet
  10. We have fishing shows on tv showing so called professional anglers picking fish up by the gill covers, then the next shows another pro not using a landing net with the fish floundering about while he insists on showing us how good he is at gripping the fish upside down, I was wondering how people are educated about fish handling, just an observation but I find people that behave like arseholes while fishing do so in all their daily activities
  11. Just for you fishinglibin, weirdo lol
  12. Worked near drumheller this week, great access for the red deer river, what’s the trout fishing like in that area
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