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  1. Lenny


    Brings back some good memories.
  2. This could be the same guys fishing on the Castel about three weeks ago I was told by a non fishing acquaintance that they were spotted hauling fish back to their site multiple times during there stay. These guys need to be stopped.
  3. Thanks for this Monger all of us who fish or camp in these two areas need to respond to this survey or we will have nothing to bitch about when it is law.
  4. I for one have filled it out I agree if we want a quality fishery we need to look after our head waters. That being said if the OHVS realized the damage they are causing I think they may understand the issues.
  5. would one be able to take up a pontoon boat c/w a electric motor set up and use it effectively up their?
  6. Thanks rickr I will let him know you steered me in his direction and I will let you know how it all turns out. does he have any fly fishing equipment or should I bring my own?
  7. Do you know if this gentleman is still in business going down in Feb/March again and would like to use him?
  8. Lenny

    Kokanee Scrum

    Nice picture if I can ask where about was this taken no need to be specific just the general area?
  9. This is a very good indication as why we need to keep our equipment clean and dry before we move from one water body to the next.
  10. If you are going to do anything do it after dark as they will all be in the nest and you should be able to get them all.
  11. I have the same boots they seem to be fine after three seasons but I will keep a eye on them they seem to be good so far.
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