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  1. Been south of Campbell River a couple of times, just wading off the beach. They can get pretty large so heavy gear is needed. Taking a 9wt this time, previously used my 7 with floating line. Did the job but thinking the 9 is better. Be prepared for long casts. Clousers seemed to work best, 4 to 5 inches long. Chartreuse and white or pink and white. If you're getting consistent hookups on things like sculpins, you're retrieving too slow. Ideally you can find passing schools and cast out ahead of them. Give your fly time to hit bottom and strip quickly, you're trying to imitate a baitfish trying to escape. Right off the top of my head I don't recall the effect of tides, we fished incoming, outgoing and in between without favouring any one condition. Did seem like we got best results early morning and late afternoon and evening.
  2. I've only used a floating 7wt myself. Different colour Clousers and a 2 inch red leech suspended under an idie have worked for me. As for leaders, how concerned are you about loosing the odd one? My first time out I was targeting Jacks at somebody else's suggestion and simply cut a leader back until "I thought it was stout enough". Didn't lose any. The last time I wasn't specifically going after them and landed my only hit on 5x tippet. Their teeth aren't made for grinding, how much of a nick from a tooth it would take to allow one to break off, who knows? It will happen but my limited experience is that wire tippet is not absolutely necessary.
  3. Yeah, missed that little point. My info for Alberta.
  4. No license req'ed for Resident 65 and over. Enjoy.
  5. He's got stuff that he wants to share. Appears to be more than many other people do.
  6. Are you sure it's the bladder? I had a valve start leaking on me, it was so slow that I had a hard time finding that was the problem. Couldn't find one in stores and the few I found on-line in North America were $40 or more. Got one out of China for something like $9 but it was a long delivery time. After it was a couple of weeks overdue I complained and got a free one shipped. They both arrived within a week of one another.
  7. Vote should have been extended to the whole province. We all get to share in paying the cost; which I think will be pretty much exclusively to Calgary and area's benefit (mostly Calgary).
  8. The Hat isn't much for a tourist destination in itself and is a 3 and 1/2 hour drive from the Pass. Fort Walsh is quite interesting but is another hour drive to the other side of the Cypress Hills. Nanton has the Bomber Command Museum about an hour and a half the Pass. South of Longview is the Bar-U Ranch historic site, around the same drive time. In the Pass are the museum (including the old Alberta Provincial Police barracks), Bellevue Mine tour and Frank Slide Centre as well as the historic driving route. One thing that is impressive is the effort to preserve local history. In and near Fort McLeod is the Fort Museum and Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump which are just under an hour drive and between the two of them could pretty well fill in a day.
  9. For fishing streamers, fling it out as far as you can, give some mends to let it sink to the bottom. As the line tightens and it starts to swing, that's when you're actually fishing it. Once it's below you, give it a couple of strips and repeat. Two or three casts then a few steps downstream and start over. You might get a bite before the line tightens but chances are you won't realize it unless the fish inhales it. I muchly favour a Marilyn for the Bow. You could use it with a dropper.
  10. During the runoff in '13 creek was re-arranged and since then the old stream bed gets water during runoff then becomes an isolated body once the water level drops enough. Who knows how many fish actually are trapped in it and lost. According to workers on site, the province has chosen to fill in the old channel to save them.
  11. Found a spot where the province is currently filling in a seasonal channel, supposedly in the name of protecting the fish. Kind of a personal values question; should the province be engaged in this activity or let Mother Nature take her course? Thought does occur to me that,' in effect, reducing/restricting/altering the flood plain might cause erosion problems downstream. Not sure how to compare it to the Allen Bill Pond situation a few years ago where they were just trying to re-establish that fishery.
  12. Don't think trappers are obliged to live like cavemen.
  13. Few similar setups within the Castle Parks. Old outfitter/trapper cabins. I don't consider a fence to keep critters and the mildly curious away (or corral livestock) to be a sign of outright private ownership.
  14. Might be dickheads, might be new drivers who are uncomfortable with what they can do. Coaching new drivers, even on a body job, can be an experience. I had one guy who almost would pull over on the shoulder meeting heavies on a good two lane asphalt for fear of tapping mirrors. Some people just have a longer learning curve. A tractor without a good amount of weight on the drivers is pretty much like a pickup. If you're having issues with washboard and such, so are they.
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