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  1. Has anyone had any experience with this boot? They seem like a nice option for walking. For sizing did you get the same size as street shoes? Appreciate any comments good or bad, thanks.
  2. I have a pair of Smith that are great and have held up for years. Zeal is very nice too...
  3. Vinegar is all you need. I put that s$&t on everything!
  4. That makes sense. I think its a good call for wading as well. I have had a couple of close calls this year. Thanks guys.
  5. Murray have you ever had to use it? Would it hold you up with waders on etc? What brand did you get? Thanks.
  6. Hello. Just wondering what everyone likes to use for a life jacket while floating the bow. Regular vest or one of the inflatable models? I'm looking to purchase one and hoping for some guidance. Thanks.
  7. Professori, I read that link you posted and it stated that the rupture was caused by a construction crew and their backhoe. How is this in any way the fault of the pipeline company? Of course, the first thing the crew is going to say is the pipe wasn't marked properly. CYA. I have pipelines running through my neighborhood and I am not worried. However, if a crew broke one digging my first response would not be to blame the pipeline owner.
  8. Excellent article well written, however, the problem is it is full of logic and common sense.
  9. Anyone have experience with either the Simms or Patagonia waterproof backpacks? Good or bad. They are pricey but worth it if it keeps everything dry. Thoughts?
  10. Put your hockey shin pads over top! Problem solved!
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