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  1. Isn't Hypalon heavier than pvc? an overall weight of the boat packed would be something worth looking into if you plan on doing any hiking.
  2. I fish wets all the time , fun stuff and effective.
  3. The boat was taking a real beating, seen it crashing by downstream pass the red house.
  4. I rarely use a bead, however when I do I often tie them behind the hackle. I find that a thread tapered body with few wraps of hackle to be the most effective.
  5. couldn't agree more with using heavier rods when targeting bigger bulls, but that being said I have caught several bulls with 4/5wts not intentionally and have landed them just as quick, no 30"+++ but mid/high 20's using a glass pole and a longggg net.
  6. Nice, I'm looking at getting the echo switch glass in 4wt.
  7. yeah it will cost roughly 2600 bucks with all parts and labor, i would believe any of the more recent models of trucks esp ones with a camera and all the fancy stuff would only be more.
  8. yeah mine was locked, my truck was parked near a camera so hopefully it was on when this happened ill know tomorrow.
  9. so in other words your tail gate is not safe. I hope someone gets them.
  10. So today Someone did a drive by and decided to steal my tail gate it was locked... this is twice in the last few weeks my friend had his stolen as well , witness seen that it was a white truck. just a heads up .
  11. Thanks, yeah I was walking the dogs and saw this, had to take a picture. For some reason I couldn't upload a bigger picture.
  12. Out and around the mountains, it was a nice day.
  13. It would be one hell of a fight, with that rod.
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