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  1. Looking to see what others use/recommend for an adjustable hang marker on full sink lines when fishing chironomids. Thank you in advance for all replies. Rucc C
  2. I have a mini spine anchor I found it’s around 10lbs would be my guess you can have it for free if you want?Im im  s.e in Ogden if your interested?

    1. RussC


      Really looking for a pyramid anchor. Having a hard time locating one though. Thanks anyway.



  3. One for sale on Alberta Outdoorsman. Tried personal message but was not allowed. It's in the boats and motors for sale section.
  4. U Unfortunately didn't make it over. Had to go to my daughters school to help her with picking out courses for next year. I'm hoping Sunday or Monday to get out and try my luck. If you made it out how did it go?
  5. This sounds interesting, I have heard that at Bonavista only resident cardholders are allowed to fish. This came from a fellow I work with that is a resident. He said one card, one fishing rod in the gate. Not sure about other community lakes, but I wouldn't mind trading some days with others looking to try out a different community lake. By the way the boats go in the water tomorrow (April 1) at Mckenzie. I may have to go and warm up the casting arm tomorrow.
  6. Years ago I purchased a replacement felt kit at Wholesale Sports in Calgary. I am not sure if they still carry them but you could give them a call.
  7. Just received a new kayak for Christmas and was thinking of installing outriggers for stability. I have found a couple of different outriggers on-line, one set from Scotty that are inflatable. The other ones are made of foam and use the Scotty bases. My question is has anyone used either type or have any recommendations. Thank you in advance Russ C.
  8. Done and Done! Silly way to set up a survey, but figured it out anyway. Come on people fill it out it's only four questions.
  9. http://www.friendsoffishcreek.org/content/view/25/1/ This is a link to a presentation by the Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society for anyone that is interested. Russ C
  10. I agree with you belly boats are not a good idea on a river like the Bow. Unless of course your looking to drown. I would say that their combined IQ's would be closer to 50. Russ C
  11. It's looking great, good job and please keep the updates coming. Russ C
  12. Don just wondering when are you planning your trip east, I am looking at hopefully going in Sept / Oct. Russ C
  13. Sent in my vote Feb 24th. Come on people vote, add your two cents it only takes a couple of minutes to make a difference. Russ C
  14. I am looking for advice from those in the know. I am looking to purchase a 4hp outboard motor (Yamaha) on Ebay, it will come up to Canada from Florida. I have never purchased this way before so I don't know what to expect. What should I be looking at as far as extra charges (GST) at the border? Will I be able to obtain service for it in Calgary? Anything else you can let me know would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Russ C
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