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  1. For those interested, the hearings are available on YouTube. Day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0SrFuM53vo&list=PLFCsR4bP4FNdSbLeobgmrHnqiC_BtkWWy&index=4 Day 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsWO34HQf24&list=PLFCsR4bP4FNdSbLeobgmrHnqiC_BtkWWy&index=5 Day 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8eySRk2ta4&list=PLFCsR4bP4FNdSbLeobgmrHnqiC_BtkWWy&index=6
  2. TUC collected one small Grayling in the canal exiting the Belly River in 2011 according to this report. guess there is some spawning occurring? http://www.tucanada.org/files/1/2011 FR Report.pdf
  3. This is the most concerning statement for sure! Who determines the Alternate Management Approaches? Maybe the Nature Conservancy, Southern Alberta Land Trust, Western Sky Land Trust and others are in a place to jump on this as an opportunity to add to their funding models... ?
  4. Quat is easy to buy at your local Acklands Grainger for those interested. and as it is concentrated the bottle will last a long time. https://www.acklandsgrainger.com/en/product/p/DSB50232?cm_sp=IDP-_-CAV-_-APD-_-PR-_-NT-NA-_-EN&analytics=RecommendationZones Recommended cleaning methods for those interested.... http://albertaaquaticinvasives.ca/uploads/1/0/1/2/101215420/whirling_disease_decontamination_protocols_for_boaters_and_anglers.pdf
  5. let me help you with that.... "There are many different opinions as to why we have seen the declines in trout population over the past 15 - 20 years. River flow management policy, closures, water quality, habitat, fish feed, increased anglers, increased access and regulatory enforcement are just a few of the many possibilities."
  6. When they opened the first Harvie Passage they did a similar testing day with elite level kayaks and paddlers. one pair in a purpose built highboy river canoe were not able to make it down without capsizing in their two attempts. Not your average users. These are your average users:
  7. further to the above... page 22... Possession: A fish is considered retained (kept) when it is not immediately returned to the waters from which it was taken. If the fish you catch is of a legal species and legal size, immediately decide to release or keep it as part of your day’s limit. Fish kept on a stringer or a live well are considered retained and are part of your limit. (See releasing live or prohibited fish.)
  8. Interesting conversation. There are many different pressures and factors driving change in a fishery: dydimo, saprolegnia, fishing over redds, whirling disease, alterations of riparian habitat - new communities proposed/ built in the floodplain, angling pressure, poaching, warm summer temps, cold winter temps, low flows, high flows...floods, the after effects of floods (rip rap), dams, not enough food, too much nitrates and phosphates,weeds, alterations to spawning habitat etc etc . Pick your poison. As to which one(s) are resulting in a change in the fishery is typically very challenging
  9. Note; if you change the methods of the study design (ie people to drones) then it fundamentally changes the experiment - if you are looking for trends and looking to compare between years... . Drones are amazing tools, but would not likely be able to see the redd depression. Redd surveys are great in that they engage public, get people working together and help individuals better understand the science, observing what type of habitat fish require and use, get people talking about other local issues and enjoying being together in the field, but they cannot really be used as a accurate repre
  10. If your not "stuck" on Airdrie... there is always this ... and it is turn key!... http://www.royallepage.ca/en/property/alberta/bellevue/22614-27-avenue/3845344/mlsld0072056/
  11. Here you go.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saprolegnia Or do a Google search for "saprolegnia in Alberta" there is a good PDF.
  12. This will make things better.. http://www.outdoorhub.com/news/2016/04/21/sources-claim-bass-pro-moving-forward-buying-cabelas/
  13. Comments tend to be looking for access, but no parking. That typically does not work very well. I know the residence in the community were very much against a boat launch in the area during the planning for the original Harvie Passage. River left blow the passage but upstream of Cushing Bridge would not work due to safety issues and no "safe" method on of off 17th street. The current launch on river right was discounted by the kayakers as it was "too far away", and the fire department was fed up with people parking in their turning area. The Zoo parking area access was also considered, but tha
  14. Call RAP. Note that this location is likely under the parks officers juristion (Alberta environment and parks) and not fish and wildlife (solicitor general) - they recently split again... But this may be helpful for the operator at RAP in sending out the information. More calls= more action. Officers are strapped for manpower, but specific locations, frequency, and gear found can be helpful if they are going to a common location.
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