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  1. Alaska: Aniak River Lodge

    Too cool my friend . Thank you for sharing that.
  2. Pinched barbs on 20s

    Problem is you also catch small fish on small flies. You will tear up a lot of little mouths if you don't de-barb your hooks no matter how small they are.
  3. Actually we do send lots of e-mails to the feds and Notley and even a dew to Shannon Phillips, none of them are positive unfortunately.
  4. Central alberta browns

    Nice photos Thanks for sharing.
  5. Cultural Appropriation is the reason your daughter, if you have one cant dress like her favorite Disney character on Halloween anymore. Apparently it doesn't apply to the rich and famous as our prime minister is prone to playing Mr. Dress up on the world stage without any repercussions. Your photo is better than a filet in a frying pan that's for sure.
  6. A few year end memories

    Man I had a hell of a time logging into the forums Wow what awesome photos Monger some real nice looking fish caught by you this year again.
  7. Hike-In Cutties

    Those are spectacular photos. The black and white reminds me of the old John Muir photos. Great stuff thanks for sharing.
  8. Cuttopia

    Must not be very good fly fishermen if there worried about a little competition on a cutty stream. I don't get it there's people everywhere you go now days and I can still kick ass following a group up a cutty stream.
  9. Dorado Video, Looks Ok

    Wow thats unreal. Reminds me of the big brown in my avatar got him on a streamer not even six feet from me looked just like those takes, not quite as violent but equally visual.
  10. Nice looks like fun Diddy.
  11. It was fantastic actually all things considered. i could post you a few 20 plus inchers but I'm not about to pay 400 dollars to do it.. Just fish it the same as you would any heavily fished cutthroat stream.
  12. I almost died on the North Ram on the 6th. Never had a problem driving out on the north fork road lucky I guess. Got out there first thing I noticed I couldn't tie my flies on as good, had to rest my hands on my legs to do it , So after ignoring that I went fishing and noticed I wasn't quite as steady on my feet as I usually am. So after ignoring that second warning I noticed later in the day that my voice didn't sound the same. By than it was time to go so i head to the truck and proceeded to have a mini stroke that left me not been able to see right and feeling pretty sick and beat up. My wife and friend drove me into Red Deer hospital which I just got out of a few hours ago. Didn't suffer any permanent damage other than having to make a few life style changes and probably taking meds for the rest of my life. So ya dont be a dumb ass like me and ignore the warning signs. The fishing was good LoL.
  13. Blown Out Bow, Nothing To Do

    Nice cutty, classic monger picture, very nice.
  14. What Are You Tying 2017 Edition

    Man Gary those are works of art brother, just beautiful flies. Do you ever half hitch any of those up and go swinging for atlantics.
  15. Seriously they stop testing for whirling disease in 2001 and ignore the fact thats its just across the border. Don't say a word or try to make the average Alberta fisherman aware of whirling disease and than mysteriously start testing in 2016 and lo and behold its everywhere in Alberta. Ya i was born yesterday they know it was in Alberta in 2001. You guys actually buy that crap that one of there bio's just happened to notice one fish in in a lake and hey maybe we should start testing for whirling disease again. They dropped the ball again and choose to ignore it for 15 years for whatever reason. only they know there motives for doing that. Put them in jail just string the pos up from the nearest pole. Thieving pricks cant even do there job just pawn it off to the next generation.