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  1. Hey folks, So kind of an irritating but interesting story here that I thought I'd share. It was a beautiful day yesterday, so a buddy and I decided to head down south to the river. We got down to the river at about 6:30- 7. Decided to fish a stretch on the east side between the southland dog park and where the deerfoot crosses the river near douglasdale. So we found a nice run and put our bags down and began to fish. In the first 1/2 an hour or so hooked a fish, seemed decent but got it too the net to be disappointed with a sucker! Another 1/2 an hour or so goes by and I set the hook and a nice rainbow jumps off, the line went slack so I thought it got off, the going to reel in the line I had stripped in when it jump again and got off this time.. My buddy saw it happen and was walking up the bank with my net. Anyways to get to the point, we decide to fish the top end of the run and put my net on the shore in case we got another. We had both our boat bags and spey rods sitting on the shore at the bottom of the run, but it was in eyesight. Turns out we didnt hook anymore fish, kind of a slow evening. But as 9:30 10 approached we saw a couple rise and decided to switch over to dries to maybe get some action. We had worked our way back down to our bags, really not that far down like less than 100 meters for sure and no one else was fishing but us and it was a straight stretch. So we switched up, and I figured Ill grab the net and put it with the bags or on me so I don't forget it on the bank. Well when I walked up to grab it, it was gone from where I was almost 100% sure I left it. I confirmed with my buddy and he said thats where I had left it. Me being in disbelief, I walked up and down the bank looking for it 10 times. No where to be seen. My buddy did say he saw a kid on the bike stop, but there were a few people walking and such. Anyways who ever took it would have definitely seen us fishing, and did not ask if that was ours. So I'm assuming they "stole" it. It's kind of sad these days you have to worry about your gear going missing, not even from the truck, but while you're fishing. I usually worry about leaving it behind or loosing it to the river but not having stolen...If anyone happens to see it, it is a brodin ghost net, the gallatin and looks like this : http://www.brodin.com/gh-gallatin.html also has a green net maget and black landyard on it. Id really like to get it back, although I think its unlikely, since Id prefer not to spend 150$ on a new net and magnet. sorry about my rant hahah Terrance
  2. Hi All, Im in the market for a new point and shoot waterproof camera for fishing. I currently have a olympus tough 10 MP and my dad has a tough with 12 MP, so I think its time for an upgrade as mine is over 5 years. We've had no problems with the Olympus cameras. Im just interested to see what everyone recommends with all the new technology out there. Im looking into the panasonic, pentax , olympus and nikon and any others you guys may suggest ! Ive noticed that most have 16 MP now, so the 6MP should be quite the improvement. thanks for the input! Terrance
  3. Hi All, Im planning to build a anchor pulley system similar to the one you can buy directly from big sky inflatables, has anyone built one on here or have the water master one ?Doesn't seem like it should be too difficult, but if someone had the factory one I wouldn't mind taking a look at it before I build mine. heres the one from them : http://shop.bigskyinflatables.com/product.sc?productId=13&categoryId=3 thanks Terrance
  4. flytyer101


    Most of the Hyde boats have a motor mount on the back for an electric trolling motor.
  5. I'd go get a rubber net as they don't get smelly and are better for the fish .
  6. I have a Jr bugger Beast to store flies. And this C & F fly box, I love it because of the style of foam and that its water proof. http://www.candfdesign.com/product/127522/...arge-size_Flies Terrance
  7. Holly crap those are big bows
  8. Hi All, I was fishing the bow river today near the bearspaw dam. Was striping a streamer hoping to find a brown and came across this. It ad some sortive growth on its back. Im wondering what it is , sortive looks like a tumor. Any one know what it is?
  9. Hi , Im wondering if anyone would like to share a rubber legged evil weevil pattern. I cant seem to find a rubber legged one . Thanks, Terrance
  10. flytyer101


    Nice colours on that brown!
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