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  1. I have a metzler juca 13.5 ft inflatable right now. I love it. Just looking for somthing smaller.
  2. Yikes! That sounds like it would have been awful. The is part of the reason I kind of decided to go that way, instead of watermaster.
  3. I am considering picking up a catchercraft freestone or sea run cutthroat boat. The freestone is similar to the watermaster 1 person boat. The SRC. Is a 1 or 2 person boat. I have chatted alittle with the company and it sounds like they have sent a great many North of the border. I am wondering if any made it to Calgary and or if anyone had one they could show me? Id love to see it in person before dropping the money down. Anyone know of someone kicking around who has or had one I can chat with? Cheers!
  4. In comparison, it is the Wild Wild West out here.. Full of outlaws.
  5. I know it isnt fly fishing, but does this count? Caught in 70 feet of water at Lower Kananaskis.. If you look close you can see my Jig!! Would have been awkward if there was still someone sitting in the chair!
  6. Glad to see someone is up to bat for us... I talked briefly with Shane at the Cranston Stampede breakfast.. Wish I had known about this than I would have chatted with him longer. Hopefully it leads to new launches up north *cough cough* and one down at 194th ave for all of us who live south of Fishcreek park.
  7. They take sooooo long... but I got pretty good at tying these this summer. haha just kidding, I coudlnt help myself... Man you guys all know how to tie some amazing flies!!!
  8. I think it depends on what you are doing with it mostly Smitty.. 9-12 feet is a 1-2 person raft and a 13-15 feet is generally considered a 3 person fly fishing raft. as far as the premade designs go. Are you looking for a raft ( both ends kick up, white water style) or more of a Tender type (transom for motor mount.) Right now I am also looking to replace my 30 year old metzeler Juca. I am going to do somthing with a drop stitch floor.. much harder and more stable than an ibeam inflatable floor. This will alow me to stand up and cast from an inflatable boat. I dont need the transom for a motor mount ( even though I am sure one can be made for it) This is my ideal dream boat.. All the benefits of a traditional driftboat, no need to launch from a boat launch.. I feel this would be the IDEAL bow river drfiter ( atleast until the launches are rebuilt and opened) Jacks plastic welding Dragon fly Check out the creation of this boat and the floor idea.. pretty sweet. http://www.jpwinc.com/newselfbailingraftfloorconcept.htm
  9. Just so happens this was just posted yesterday .. Tonnes of Great streamer fishing Information here. From Dave at Fishtales flyshop and Jensen fly fishing. http://flyfishalberta.com/jensenflyfishing/new-videos-streamer-fishing-the-bow-other-large-rivers/
  10. If this is a bow river only boat, being a self bailer isnt important IMHO. I have used a Metzeler 13' inflatable on the river for years. It is also a non bailer. Unless you are running the river at runoff or such, the river generally doesnt pose much of an issue as far as white water is concerned. You ll get very little water in the boat. I am not sure about removing the thwarts, I do not feel it would cause an issue with side tube stability though. AS for a floor... there are a few videos on you tube showing guys who have done exactly what you are looking for. I know it isnt exactly the same boat, but this video shows a guy who made a pretty cool floor for his boat. on a side note... Would you be able to build a frame for me? Like you, I am thinking of getting a smaller inflatable boat no more than 10 feet in length. but buying a frame from the USA and having it shipped up is cost prohibitive. it would also give the chance to be alittle more custom with the design.
  11. Obviously I opened a can of worms here with everyone feeling that the north should get all the love.. Fair enough .. I suppose that answers my original question. I personally will still fight tooth and nail for one south at or around 194th ave.
  12. Let me say it once again perhaps it will be read this time.. Anyone who is arguing that fact that there should be more launches in the north ISNT WRONG, I AGREE!! I agree with you. on all levels.. except that in my humble opinion there is a gap down here as well. This isnt a "man i am lazy, i dont wanna drive 20 mins each way" conversation. This is discussing having a 24 hour, 7 day a week launch outside of Sikome with great accessibility for everyone south of fishcreek park, on land where there are no houses/people to disturb.
  13. Well If you read my above post again, I have said I think there SHOULD be more in the north as well. That has was not the question, and I feel no one is debating that fact, not even for a second. To exclude one down at 194th just becasue there is another one a few kms away is short sighted and plain stupid. AS mentioned, That boat launch can be 100 feet away but it wouldn't matter if you do not have access to it. Having to drive 20 mins around fishcreek park just for access is that same thing as that launch being 18-20 kms away. No different than having to drive from the U of C to Glenmore trail to launch a boat. Same coin.
  14. You can get a half or full day boat rental at a quite few places.. they even come with guides to navigate the water for you.. heh.. sorry couldn't help it.. not sure about strictly a boat rental.
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