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  1. I know a lot of people are starting to make simple frames for their rafts just for that sake. I suspect those are a fine boat. 100lbs for the SRC isn't outrageously heavy, but its not something you'll enjoy hauling around by yourself or trying to stuff into the back of a truck.
  2. No experience with them, but i'll tell you right now that having proper oar locks would be an absolute game changer on those rafts. The shitty little pin style oar locks that are on the watermasters/scaddens/etc are chronically terrible (and a weak point if your oar hits anything). I broke one in the middle of the Kitimat which was an exciting few minutes..
  3. At the end of the day, the marketing machine wants to sell you a line that will just make you a better caster. Easiest way to make the average angler a better caster with zero worry about technique is to put a heavier line on the same rod. Its not going to change..
  4. Dont even know where to start looking, but would like to get an engraved reel for a friend's first kid.. Any ideas where to look that arent Etsy? Anyone on here do that kind of thing?
  5. Highwood at aldersyde is currently 72 F and got to 75 F on Sunday according to the government site, not an arbitrary reading by an angler. Forum members can do with that info what they want. It’s a shame that the ones on the Bow aren’t currently operating.
  6. Multiple posts on the bow river conditions have seen dead fish in last two weeks, as well as a couple people I’ve talked to.
  7. If we have to wait for a fish kill to stop fishing for wild fish, then you’ve missed the plot.
  8. Interesting to make an assumption as to why a shop paused guiding and try to associate it with everything but water temps. Good on FT for putting money and reputation up to protect the resource. Right.. this year is so normal. Back to back days of the hottest days recorded in Calgary are pretty standard. Whatever you gotta tell yourself to stay on the water. lots of opportunities in alpine lakes to fish cold clear water for stocked fish. Pretty good note from Patagonia strikes home. The wild fish in the Bow are our collective bank account, we should avoid adding to the debit part until we get some cool weather.
  9. Careful asking for Maxima at certain fly shops or they’ll be confused and tell you to ‘go to Bass Pro for that’. …. Ahhh experience…6 lb max and 10 lb can do 90% of the Bow.. add in 4x and you suddenly get to around 99%
  10. Frank is likely far too shallow to support overwintering trout (dont think it's over a m deep anywhere) and likely really poor water quality considering the only reason it hasnt dried up is that it combines High River's sewage and Cargill's waste water..
  11. That cat is frigging ripped.. No covid 20 on her!
  12. Took it in and he had it sorted nearly immediately and was happy to work on a merc! highly recommended
  13. Thanks. Wasn’t sure if Automarine did only Yamahas
  14. Any mechanic recommendations? Renfrew says it’s likely a month wait... - having an issue with my water coolant, nothing from the tell tale, even after pulling tube off... likely a simple impeller but figure better to have it troubleshot beforehand
  15. Is this the jigging equivalent of sight-fishing? looks pretty damn cool, but $3k is a hefty bill Had never heard of it but watched this video, its pretty wild ..
  16. Ha ya i tried to see if they'd sell them as well to retrofit my Scadden.. no luck
  17. Those corners are just asking for some F&F
  18. First the Parks being delisted, then the coal policy being rescinded, now opening of water availability in the oldman drainage.. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-government-water-use-coal-oldman-reservoir-1.5826994 Any UCP voters want to put their hands up to say they support this?
  19. All of the questions you brought up, you could address through the restrictions on the license. I have specific restrictions and things i must follow when using fish research licenses (where it's allowed to be used, extreme weather (hot or cold) requirements, reporting requirements, etc), so why couldn't this model be followed for that? - Put a restriction that you are not allowed to utilize a guide-day when there is a heat recommendation, or that there is a requirement to stop fishing by xx:xx pm. - out of province should have to pay more. Tic for tac on this one, regardless if we're getting petty on this one (oh, we're definitely petty on this one..) - Use restrictions: absolutely you could put restrictions on 'guide' licenses that are separate from angler licenses. The appetite for this is likely very high in the non-guided community as it could reduce pressure on streams (would it? who knows..), but would also start to build the BC legacy of 'million-dollar' licenses for angling-days. Im not saying that guide licensing will do much if anything 'for the fish', however it has the potential to improve the quality experience of the recreational angler (which is an important part of recreational angling). Guide licensing was never going to save the Thompson from netting at the mouth, but it definitely improved the experience for the non-guided group (when open) by not having a pile of guides running up and down river for the last 400 fish. This is all spitballing. Honestly, if we just license guides as a way to make more revenue for the coffers with no actual thought towards improving the 'experience' and fishery and any-joe can get a license without specific requirements and restrictions, then really whats the point.
  20. Licensing guides could allow for more accountability on things like fishing during high-water-temp advisories, out-of-province incursions, use restrictions, safety, etc. All that being said, commercial 'rights' should still fall below that of First Nation, Conservation and Recreation requirements..
  21. All your responses are why we need to get 'the man' involved. Typical tragedy of the commons, it will all be run into the ground as the majority of people dont self regulate.
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