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  1. I'm more worried about some of the people I run into. I never took my dog fishing with me because he wasn't trained for that. I was concerned that he would run up to fisherman and disturb the water where they were fishing people. I have encountered many well trained dogs while out fishing, and have never had any kind of an incident. Back to the original purpose of the thread, I think it is wonderful to train your dog to go fishing with you. My dog passed away a couple of months ago. When I am ready for a new one, I am going to train him to come fishing with me. All of the tips and tricks are much appreciated.
  2. Tried the non slip loop on Friday and it worked! Thanks for the advice.
  3. Thanks for the tip, but I am not sure what you mean by tying on with a loop. Do you mean tying a loop around the head like Vagabond suggested?
  4. I have been enjoying some big foam Stone with a dropper fishing. As hopper time is approaching, I would appreciate some advise. Are their any techniques to get the big foam to float right side up? Are their particular patterns that work better than others? I have tried floatant on the whole fly, just the top, just the bottom, and none at all. Seems to work better when a heavier dropper is on. Giving the line a quick twitch works most of the time, but it does create some disturbance and likely spooks fish. Any tips would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks everyone who made suggestions. I ended up going to The Fishing Hole and boat a 6 ft.
  6. Broke an oar on my one man pontoon the past weekend. I have looked around ( Bass Pro, CTire) and can't seem to find a replacement. It is a two piece, plastic oar. Nothing fancy. Any suggestions on the best bets, good selection etc. in Calgary? Thanks
  7. Awesome tips Silver Doctor, Big Foamy. Would these work as a dropper behind a Hopper? Only reason I ask is that I am still learning, and just enjoy the odd strike on top.
  8. New set of mean rapids south of 22x before the island gave me a big surprise in my pontoon boat. Got airborne. Two fellas in a canoe got flipped and were drying out their stuff on the bank. Also, new Island just south of Burnco Bridge. The island was on dry land, and has a big steel girder that supported power poles. River is permantly forked around it.
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