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  1. Top forum !

    So maybe I’m the only fan!
  2. Top forum !

    A few years ago FFC changed the format of their site, I liked, but 100’s ran or stopped following which was too bad. The best stuff, I’m sure, is coming. Thanks again .
  3. Top forum !

    Tell story how FFC made ya better angler! Maga fun oops ! 50000 members ! Say hi.... for flyfusion team...?. Re read what’s up .
  4. Top forum !

    Thanks , over the years you guys sure helped the Bow River with helping new flyfishing teamsters etiquette and rowing tips again thanks. and my fishing , all the tips like am. Stoneflys, the sharing of your secret flys and a lot more . Just a thanks out too all the team and members ! Anybody like add a short story! Flyfishy smiling. Flyfishy@live.ca or #instaflyfishy or Flyfishy Flyfishy on Facebook
  5. What Are You Tying 2014 Edition

    Will fish
  6. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Good looking flys !
  7. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Thanks, I mite to that ! Great sport tying up a fly for sharing . One coming ...
  8. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    All day dry...
  9. Bull Trout In The Bow River

    seen bigger! Kidding and wow . Sometimes look closer mite be a lake trout. There swimming too'
  10. Question On Oars Just Looking For Some Insight

    Thanks I guess! For the pm's.
  11. Question On Oars Just Looking For Some Insight

    I've been an oars man af few times ! When your to close you get yelled at and you're to far out there still get *hit! Good luck. Better have your game on, they say...
  12. Tips For Fighting/landing Larger Trout

    Pro tip 101 ,be glad you had a chance for the mom ma of all her baby's .been there got spooled, in the lower Bow , posted that story some time ago, more backing now that tip.
  13. Boat Launch Etiquette

    Best to even tie up them rods, and get all gear, and fly boxes and jacket hat boots and sunglasses, you know the drill . Then back up into the water , one move the the trailer and one hold hold the boat some guys are so fast 2 min. Done ✅ that's me... smiling ! For the big one...
  14. How To Send A Pic On This Page?

    Test :still need ..simpleresize app for you profile pic! If you care, fixed mine.. Go/ WhaT the it worked .delete delete where's the button.😧