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  1. Yup , my fav site , you? Say hi, with Flyfishy .
  2. Calgary said no 56% against so that’s that probably a recount. Thanks too all for sharing . Tight lines
  3. Voted not sayin’ what I did but I did it! Not sure y I care so much? Do you
  4. Well say nothing! Fine , but y not . Maybe it will help the trout fishing? Calgary ? No? Say something if ya like , voting am.
  5. A few years ago FFC changed the format of their site, I liked, but 100’s ran or stopped following which was too bad. The best stuff, I’m sure, is coming. Thanks again .
  6. Tell story how FFC made ya better angler! Maga fun oops ! 50000 members ! Say hi.... for flyfusion team...?. Re read what’s up .
  7. Thanks , over the years you guys sure helped the Bow River with helping new flyfishing teamsters etiquette and rowing tips again thanks. and my fishing , all the tips like am. Stoneflys, the sharing of your secret flys and a lot more . Just a thanks out too all the team and members ! Anybody like add a short story! Flyfishy smiling. Flyfishy@live.ca or #instaflyfishy or Flyfishy Flyfishy on Facebook
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