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  1. I got checked in the city, and had forgot my licence in my jacket coat that I didn't bring that day by accident. He was a pretty chill dude, he said it's no biggy in the city because they have cell service. Gave him my drivers and he checked it online asked me a few questions and went on his way.
  2. Looking for pigs

    Did you give them permission? Why not just boot them off your property?
  3. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Should be studying, instead tying these bad boys dreaming of browns and bulls!
  4. Did one get a hold of your finger too? They have definitely moved up into the city section in the past couple weeks!
  5. Recommendations for a 4 weight rod

    I use an echo 3 8’6 4wt. Love the action, price and the warranty.
  6. Central alberta browns

    Hey it’s me... your long lost other kid, take me for a walk.
  7. newbie question

    I’m not trying to be rude, but why do you do this? Why not use the welded loop, just keep an eye on your line once in a while to make sure it’s not going to fail?
  8. MS Auction 2018

    If I wasn’t in school this September, I would love to go with Rick again on his build a trip. The sous-vide bbq brisket and his great stories, plus tossing a fly? Worth every penny! add that it’s going to a great cause and it’s a win win win!
  9. MS Auction 2018

    $175 on #1.
  10. Consistent catch of Browns over 28"

    Jimi forgot to mention he just throws the fish back in the river still hooked up and fights it again.
  11. Cack Handler Switch

    Fuel my friend, use it.
  12. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    I can’t really fathom how you organize all your materials lol. Great ties!
  13. Kitamat

    I can’t tell if he was asking what the weather is like, or if he was asking whether it’s a good idea or not..
  14. How to move forward?

    Also, for the guys tying articulated flies, what material are you using to connect your front and back hooks?
  15. How to move forward?

    Wow, lots of great information and pointers here. Really appreciate the input guys. Definitely not into commercial tying and mostly want to do it as a creative endeavour and as a way to experiment with those great streamers. I have been watching way to much Kelly Galloup videos this week, I really like the way he takes the time to explain the reasons why he ties things a certain way. His videos are great.