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  1. Wholesale Sports Closing

    Pretty unfortunate for all the employees. Unfortunate that there is no where in Lethbridge to purchase fly fishing things now too. Not very great deals but I imagine as time goes on they will have better deals. Wholesale sports spring fly fishing deals were 25% off rods and reels. I imagine if lots of stock doesn't get sold off quick enough it will be in and around that ballpark.
  2. Hike-In Cutties

  3. Great White Sturgeon Adventure

    Wow I didn't realize they come out of the water like that. Looks like a great time.
  4. I Take Pictures

    Awesome pictures!
  5. Dorado Video, Looks Ok

    I think the guys at outfly have done golden dorado trips as well.
  6. Dorado Video, Looks Ok

    Looks pretty incredible!
  7. Smith Optics

    I bought my pair from Abominable.
  8. There Is Always A Pecking Order

    You're lucky you didn't have a plugged nose or you may have passed out before the bugger let you net him! Great fish and video!
  9. Interesting Day Of Firsts

    That sounds like a pretty rad day. That is a great first fish! Congrats to the both of you!
  10. Simms Rip Rap Search

    I just googled them. Bow river troutfitters has them. They are also on sale for 89.99
  11. Any reason that you would say that the bow isn't a great river to EN?
  12. Waders

    I have reddingtons, bought them this year and have only put about 15 or so days on them but I really like them so far, we will see how they hold up. I would be willing to check out hodgmans new line up of waders, good price and they look well built but I can't say how they hold up. All my fishing is walk and wade.
  13. Bow River Withdrawals

    I love it. It is comfortable and has a lot of great, well thought out pockets and storage. It also has a lot of loops and things for all your accessories like the thunderhead. I think you can't really go wrong with the thunderhead as it looks like a great pack too, something I might consider purchasing in the future as well. How do you like it?
  14. RickR please check your messages. If anyone can get a hold of him for me and let him know that would be great. Thanks.