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  1. Consistent catch of Browns over 28"

    Jimi forgot to mention he just throws the fish back in the river still hooked up and fights it again.
  2. Cack Handler Switch

    Fuel my friend, use it.
  3. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    I can’t really fathom how you organize all your materials lol. Great ties!
  4. Kitamat

    I can’t tell if he was asking what the weather is like, or if he was asking whether it’s a good idea or not..
  5. How to move forward?

    Also, for the guys tying articulated flies, what material are you using to connect your front and back hooks?
  6. How to move forward?

    Wow, lots of great information and pointers here. Really appreciate the input guys. Definitely not into commercial tying and mostly want to do it as a creative endeavour and as a way to experiment with those great streamers. I have been watching way to much Kelly Galloup videos this week, I really like the way he takes the time to explain the reasons why he ties things a certain way. His videos are great.
  7. How to move forward?

    Hello, I’m fairly new to tying flies, I’ve got my equipment, and have really been enjoying tying when I have time. But I’ve just kind of realized I don’t know how to move forward on what I will be tying. I see tying nymphs as a way of improving technique and skill but I honestly don’t really fish with nymphs all that often. What I enjoy most is fishing bigger streamers (often articulated) on the bow and dry flies in the mountains. I don’t really see a point in buying material for flies I don’t use often and am wondering if I’m hindering progression by skipping nymphs? Is it to ambitious to go straight to tying streamers, then articulated streamers? Is there a suggested path to progress through? What are some of your suggestions?
  8. North Central Native Trout

    Who does a guy sign up with to help out and make sure these closures don’t happen in the future? Looks like there will be a lot of work ahead.
  9. Wholesale Sports Closing

    Pretty unfortunate for all the employees. Unfortunate that there is no where in Lethbridge to purchase fly fishing things now too. Not very great deals but I imagine as time goes on they will have better deals. Wholesale sports spring fly fishing deals were 25% off rods and reels. I imagine if lots of stock doesn't get sold off quick enough it will be in and around that ballpark.
  10. Hike-In Cutties

  11. Great White Sturgeon Adventure

    Wow I didn't realize they come out of the water like that. Looks like a great time.
  12. I Take Pictures

    Awesome pictures!
  13. Dorado Video, Looks Ok

    I think the guys at outfly have done golden dorado trips as well.