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  1. Power drifters etc

    I own a explorer industries 162 with the 60/40 set up as a power drifter. It is all about weight. I have rowed the Hyde powerdrifter and a G3 powerdrifter. Both are pigs to row. I find the Explorer is pretty easy to row. I would say it feels a tad bit heavier than a traditional drifter. I think this is due to its 84” beam which displaces a lot of water. On the Bow we primarily jet up till we think we are ahead of floaters then row the rest of the day. I have rowed it over water that any drift boat could go over. Same can’t be said for the Hyde or G3. 60/40 yammy has been more than enough power. We have ran it on Bow, NSask, Red Deer, Skeena, Columbia and many others. Go with as much horsepower as the boat can handle or you can afford. But be careful, bigger motor means more weight, harder to row. Made in Edmonton, Dave is super easy to deal with and will build it to your needs. Scroll down to river boats. Pic is of our boat on Skeena. http://www.explorerindustries.com/index.php?area_id=1001&page_id=1001 Any other questions feel free to shoot me a PM with your number and we can chat or if you want to get out and see what it’s like, try rowing it. That could work too. J
  2. Alaska: Aniak River Lodge

    Got the opportunity to head up to Aniak River Lodge in Western Alaska. Home to 12 species and some of Alaska best mousing for big Rainbows. We were pretty lucky weather wise, only 5 minutes of rain on one of the days, rest of the days were very comfortable. We got a goldilocks week, as we were the only paying guests, there was the dad of one of the guides and Todd Moen and Brian O'kiefe were up there doing some filming for the next issue of Catch Magazine and IF4. If I am lucky, the back of my head might be in one of the videos....hahaha But what this meant is that we had the 50 miles of Ania river to ourselves. No other lodges, no floaters. Just us, a guide, the wildlife and copious amounts of fish per mile. The welcome committee: When you get off the plane you are greeted by the guides, and taken to the welcoming lodge in Aniak. You quickly wader up, get on your jet boat and head up the river for an hour or so to the main lodge. The lodge is well appointed with a big dining hall. Heading up the kuskoswim to the mid lodge: The Aniak river is a tributary to the MUCH larger Kusko. Was worried when we were flying in at the color. But the Aniak itself is crystal clear. The Mid River Lodge: We spent 4 days fishing out of this lodge: Walking up to the dining hall View from the lodge, looking at the Aniak The Cabin: Outside The Cabin: Inside Up River Tent Camp: We spent 3 nights fishing out of the tent camp Tents. Very comfortable, and gives you more of that camping/rugged alaska feel. Waiting on Supper, Chillin by the fire Supper Time!!! Breakfast and Suppers were amazing. Chef Corey preparing the nights suasage, tri tip and brisket. Every night left you fully satisfied! Lots of wildlife around. Guides are packing the heat. But we only saw one juvenile bear the entire time, and he was none to interested in sticking around. The Daily routine. Coffee is ready at 7, breakfast is served at 7:30, 9 you meet your guide and head off for the day. Get back to the lodge around 6:30, supper waiting for you at 7:30. Your Chariots waiting for you: The fishing: Its not really fishing, but more like catching. We caught UNGODLY numbers of fish, if I threw a number out there, you probably wouldn't believe me. Most of my fishing was done with single handed 6 or 7wt rod. No need for two handers or light tippet here. You primarily fish from the boat, as they back drift with the motor. We fished most methods that they use up there: Streamers, beads and mousing. Mousing is by far my favourite, but conditions arent always optimal for it. Had one really spectacular day on the mouse, with about 15-20 big rainbows landed on the mouse and bunch of grayling in the mix. When I wanst mousing in the front of the boat, you would kill time by catching dollys, chums, or grayling on every cast of your streamer. They get get returns of all 5 species of pacific salmon ( everything except coho was in the system when we were there), leopard rainbows, grayling, sea run dollys, artic char, sheefish and pike. Most days you caught 6 or 7 differebt species of fish. Sheefish and Coho were the only ones that we were unable to catch while there. Rainbows (These girls are the prettiest rainbows I have ever seen. Their colors are just WOW. That red streak....amazing. They pull like tanks, get them up top of water column or you arent landing it. They are all over, and when you got one on you know it right away. We caught so many over 20" that I stopped counting the first day. Getting out of the wood and on top on mouse patterns was my favourite way of targeting them) Sight fished in a flat water spring. Beautiful colors, and those shoulders are meant for pulling. Hydroman with a a chunky Bow! Double Rainbow......But what does it mean? Sea Run Dolly (these girls are super abundant, you have to get past them and the grayling to catch the big bows. They are in feeding heavily on eggs being dropped by the Chum) Double Dolly Duty!!! Look at those dorito mouths...... Lots of color variation in the Dollys, some are really light, some very dark King Salmon ( you cannot target them, but you catch the odd one accidently. Must stay in the water and be let go as soon as possible. This was a little 15-20 pounder in her spawning colors) Grayling (rub his head to get his fin up......lots of these guys, like the Dollys, they eat your fly as fast as possible, caught many the beat my PB grayling. Ranged in colors from very light to very dark. They will eat mice, streamers, eggs whatever) Chum Dog. Catch lots of these guys, awesome pull on the line. They get a run of about 800,000 of these guys in the river. As you jet up, it is a parting of the Chum. But these guys provide a ton of nutrient for the entire ecosystem, whether that is their eggs or decaying bodies. Everything feeds on them. Which is why the Dolly, Bows and Grayling are so big. Watch your fingers with this set of chompers. Artic Char: Tough to tell them apart from the Dollys sometimes. But this is a good example of a more typical Char. In the lower stretches and a trib called the Doestok, you can catch some very nice Pike.. Everyone should try to experience Alaska at least once. Whether it be this lodge or somewhere else. The time and money is worth the adventure that awaits you.
  3. Bow River Flows

    In addition to the previous post, here is a link Bow River Trout has on all the information about flows (both present and historical) https://bowrivertrout.org/2018/07/20/bow-river-flows-how-are-they-controlled/ in addition to access, we have been working on multiple Fishery needs (population, riparian habitat etc) Like Brent said, we need to keep talking about. Our message to the government is only as strong as the people behind it. So I strongly urge you to get involved with the conversation. Find a group and become active. If we hope to have this wonderful resource it’s going to take a cohesive voice to effect change.
  4. I like the new system. Pretty slick. Booked for 2 people for Egypt shelter Aug 12-15. Last I checked there were still 2 spots available.
  5. MS Auction 2018

    $100 on 4
  6. Probably something to do with the how the buyout will work... I read it will be 3.4 shares of Aurora for every Cannimed share or shares plus cash ( I would take the shares, you will see why later) Cannimed is trading at 41.90 currently So at 13.98 (current aurora price) 3.4 shares would cost you $47.53. This means that you would essentially be getting a deal on purchasing aurora shares at their current price by buying 1 Cannimed share. With the added upside of aurora Shares increasing in value once the deal is complete.
  7. Although the deal with Newstrike (HIP) and Cannimed is done for now, might be an interesting purchase, as someone will probably snap them up. Decent Share price at 1.82 currently. Might be a double or triple if/and when they get bought out.
  8. Gaspe 2017 Trip Report

    Definitely not for the faint of wallet. Was a tough pill to swallow, especially since no Salmon was caught. Depending on pool access ranges from $60-$180 a day. Plus your non-resident fishing license of $40 day $6 per draw application. Wasnt the cheapest two days of my fishing career. But I figure, if I’m that far out, might as well experience it. Might never get another chance. Plus, can’t take cash with ya to the grave. So might as well live well.
  9. Interesting development: Cannimed cancelled shareholder vote on Newstrike. Perhaps they seen the writing on the wall with the 38% lock up and the 2% that aurora has purchases in the last month. Only need 11% voter confidence. If this became a merger vs hostile....this could quickly make the two the largest marijuana company in Canada. Could boast very well for the stock price. If it doesn't happen, I think aurora will grow, but most likely at a more moderate pace.
  10. Gaspe 2017 Trip Report

    Helpful, but not necessary. My guide and the owner of Quebec Sporting both spoke English. Which was super helpful when trying to figure out the fishing regulations. The region gets a lot of tourists, so most places (Restaurants, hotels etc) usually have someone who speaks English
  11. Gaspe 2017 Trip Report

    Thought I would do an update of my trip this past summer. We had 4 days and 4 nights to circumnavigate the Gaspe Peninsula in Early July. If you have watched King of the River, then you would have seen some of the world famous Atlantic Salmon Rivers of the region. I was really looking forward to checking the area out, and luckily the wife agreed to two days of guided fishing. The Gaspe peninsula is beautiful, the drive around the entire tip along the ocean is quite the undertaking with winding roads and sweeping vistas at every turn. Lots of little towns dot the road, and you have the opportunity to stop and explore the many National Parks along the way (be careful though, In Quebec their provincial parks are called National Parks. So our free Canadian national parks pass did not work for these parks) Along the drive we found 5 microbreweries, all of which had fantastic food. I must say that Quebec knows how to make quality beer. My favourite stop was Pit Caribou south of Gaspe. We stopped in a bunch of places that are worth noting. Matane - The world famous matane river, has a Salmon observatory. The road pretty much parallels the river if you wanted to some DIY fishing. However the salmon fishing here is very regulated and costly. The best pools will cost you, and most of the best pools are limited draw. Most sections have rod limits as well, with best pools having the least rods. Parc Du Bic. This is a massive park with a ton of hiking trails. If you time it right, at low tide you can hike around the cliff face around to the far bay (about 5km). What amazing views of the St. Lawrence you get. From Matane, we drove to the town of Gaspe, home of the York, St. Jean and the Dartmouth Rivers. Saumon quebec has a shop there where you can get a bunch of information and pay for your access rights. The only company I could find who offered a guiding service was Quebec Sporting. I must say they did a fantastic job, they applied for draws for and arranged accommodations in Gaspe for my wife and I. Ann, the owner dropped off my pool tags and fishing licenses the night before along with an assortment of flies to try. When I got there, I found out that I would be fishing section 4 of the York river for two days. This is a limited rod section with only 8 anglers per day and contains 9 named pools. I never saw another angler on either day. My guide Denis was awesome. Very knowledgeable of the area and went out of his way to get me into fish. We did split days, he would pick me up at 5:30 and we would fish till 11 and then he would pick me up again at 3:30 to fish until dark. This was a lot of work for him, and the drive to and from the hotel to the river was 50km. So he definitely did his part. He did his best to teach me all of the nuances of Atlantic Salmon fishing, presentation, flies, rationale etc..... and we saw a lot of fish in the two days and were desperately looking for a taker. Water was pretty low and gin clear when I was there and alas, in the two days of fishing I did not catch an Atlantic. I had a few hits, and caught a few small brook trout, but I am still waiting to earn my first Atlantic Salmon. I would definitely like to go back some time, but would try to book it closer to June. Access Point to one of the 71 pools on the York. There are maps available and all of the pools are easily found from the road. The longest walk I did from parking to river was 20 minutes. The first pool called Maitland, this is a lesser know pool that not many stop at as most people quickly go to the famous ones like gros saumon. I had two pretty solid hits in this run/pool. Also had a fish come up and inspect my bomber....this pool had the most action of the trip. Moreso than the 'famous' ones. But no Atlantics to hand. We hit this pool first thing in the morning on the second day. The pool name escapes me at the moment. We saw lots of fish in this pool, they were pretty active, but no fish was willing to play with my fly. The typical "accommodations" at each pool Seeing as I had a couple of hours during the day to kill, I did some research and found a few spots within 5km of Gaspe to try my luck at Striper fishing. Fishing a beach called Boom Defense: Named for the large nets they strung across the bay to Forillion Park to keep the subs out during WW2. Caught my first two stripers at this spot. Little guy....these fish are pretty awesome fighters for their size bigger guy Hit up another spot called Barachois on the way back to quebec city. Caught a few more there, but there is a big bridge to cross to get to the beach, and in the river you could see schools of hundreds of fish. However at this point in the year the river was closed to striper fishing, so you had to keep to the ocean side. After the two days in Gaspe we left for the drive back to Quebec City to catch our flight. But first we needed to stop and see Perce rock. It has a huge natural arch in the center, but all my pictures are from a great distance and dont do it justice. I like this picture much better. All in all, if you are looking for an exploratory trip that an angler and perhaps a non angler would enjoy, then I would highly recommend the Gaspe region. The scenery is amazing, rivers although highly managed are easily accessible from the road, the people are very kind, and the beer and food is fantastic. Make sure you try the salted caramel soft serve ice cream....my god it is good. And the poutine.....never leave without poutine.
  12. I had looked into them, But they are an investment firm, so you are banking on the fact that they will pick the right companies to invest in. Guess the questions then becomes who do you trust more? Them or yourself?
  13. Their sales blew everyone out of the water as well. Still not sure how 3.1million in sales converts to a to their huge market cap. But they are definitely set up to increase sales astronomically once legalization actually occurs.
  14. Blue Ribbon Bow Dinner

    ALL Funds from this event will be going right back into the Bow River within the Calgary region. So if you have been looking for a chance to give back to the river, give this some consideration.
  15. Just wow! where are we going? HIGHER! ;-)