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Ms Auctions 2015 Round 2

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Here are the second round of auction items. Items close next Monday at 9 PM (just to try a different time!)


1. Guided Bow River Float by Trevor Hansons of Hanson's Outfitters. Also, if you need your casting worked on, he is an outstanding casting instructor. Lunch will be provided. Trip date on a mutually acceptable date, and you will meet at the "river house" which is right on the Bow on the end of the road past Policeman's flats. I've fished with Trevor several times. Whoever wins this is in for a great time with a lot of laughs. Good for 1 or 2 anglers.


2. Guided Hike to a high mountain lake by Uberfly. The hike can be easy, moderate, or difficult depending on the winners experience and fitness level. For anyone who has not fished any high mountain lakes, you are in for a treat. Some of the most spectacular scenery really anywhere in the world, often accompanied by lakes full of cooperative cutthroat! Pete showed me one of his favorite lakes a couple of years ago and I try to make it there every year. Great fishing, better scenery. This is for up to two people, winner(s) need to have their own hiking and fishing gear.


3. A day of fishing in the Kootenays. I am going to be in Panorama from August 10-16. The winner can pick any day (I would recommend during the week) and I'll take them to some of the waters I fish in Southeast BC. Some of the best and most gorgeous cutty water you will find anywhere, with big picky cutthroats aplenty. And a shot at some big bulls depending on time of year. I'll provide lunch, transportation, and blindfolds. Oh, and classified stamp will be required. Good for 1 or 2 anglers.

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Hey Rick,


I tried to PM you but haven't received a response.


I went to the website in your signature to donate the money, but it takes me to a page that says the event is not currently listed. I tried to search for your name in the donations tab, but nothing came up.


Is there something I am missing or another way to donate to you specifically?



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Just to get the totals on this page:

Item 1: $325 rloyd

Item 2: $150 by jgib01

Item 3: $175 dhurst


Not going to pimp my own trip, but I will pimp the first two. A guided trip on the Bow is $550-$600 retail. Sure would be nice to get near that for the fundraiser. And $150 to be guided into choice cutty lakes is a total steal! 5ish more hours to go.

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