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  1. Porto. I tried to send you a private message and it says you cannot receive them. Just FYI.

    1. porto




      interesting, might have to clean up some old messages. Is there anything I can help you with?



    2. Hawgstoppah


      Yep, was just asking about the drifter you're selling. PM sent :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up Noodles...
  3. Been hearing some boats are floating the city stretch. Just wondering if both boat launches FC/Police for take out are open and ice free? or were dragging boat over the ice. thanks
  4. I like it... A nice way of getting to know all members on this board very personally... lol
  5. Bump mine back up if there what your looking for

  6. Policemen flats... Is that a 2nd boat ramp that was added? If so has anyone used it as a Put in or take out yet. Even tho the rocks has been taken out, it’s still a little tricky take out at end of float due to fast running current.
  7. Great news... Hopefully Mac opens up for the 1st or shortly after. Next weekend I have three days off work and nothing better then 3 Consecutive day floats to McKinnon...
  8. How about a update on Fish Creek? Open yet, or very near..
  9. Good morning, With the first phase of work being completed these past three days, has the big rock been taken out? If not I’m assuming and hoping it will be done on the 2nd round of construction. . thanks
  10. Great looking fish and photos as usual. Always a pleasure viewing...
  11. No I haven't yet. Just got back from a long family hoilday in Europe. Still hoping to do this float before August end..
  12. Cool... So your formula conferns I'm set up just nicely with my Ssge One 590-4
  13. I don't have a formula for you...but to answer you question " Too Light " yes! I use a Sage One 5wt with a 7/8 nautilus FWX, 6wt streamer fly line. And find the balance Perfect with great overall light feel... When I tried my buddy's 5/6 nautilus FWX, 5wt fly line with the Sage One 5wt, founded it to be overall to light!! Mind you I'm using this set-up for chucking streamers all day... And for the record, there's very little difference in weight between both reels. Not sure how much more weight if any, by going one size up on the fly line either. Nautilus FWX 5/6, 3.8oz. 7/8, 4.1oz. Great reels...
  14. I will keep my eyes and ears open up here in Edmonton.
  15. TFO BVK 5wt... For the amount of cost with lifetime warranty, great feel and great response I'm very happy with it...
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