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  1. Looking to get a pontoon boat

    HI DD, I am a bit larger than you and bought a waterskeeter ( now out of business I think) about ten years ago. It has a frame and 9 ft pontoons and has served me well with multiple bow floats over the years. If you have a truck then it works well to only have to set it up once at the beginning of the year. After I sold my truck it now goes in the trunk of my car which can be a pain, however I can build it ready to go in about 15 mins. Options I would look for a new boat would include: bigger pontoons bigger cargo compartments better rod holder drink holder solid back platform for storage solid foot pegs anchor system ( for lake use only, never in the river) better frame harness system than the Velcro I have. I have never had any near misses safety wise however my brother did get ejected from the same boat on the St Mary's one time after hitting a sweeper so caution when driving at all times. My first few years I didn't use fins and spent the majority of time spinning around instead of fishing. The force fins work well however I have lost a few over the years and now have a mismatched pair. I also use a manual double action pump which would inflate each pontoon in about 90 seconds in my younger years. I usually wears waders unless it is a really warm day and for the last few years have been wearing the inflatable PFD. Enjoy the experience, nothing like a leisurely float down the blue ribbon hauling in the bow footballs.
  2. One of the principal owners ( Adam the trout bum) ) was our guide a few years ago when we booked a day to explore the castle drainage...great guy..can't wait to hit the brewpub this spring.
  3. Near Miss

    Heads up out there, my brother was on a guided float on the elk on a windy day during the long weekend. They were successfully working the banks with foam when they heard a large crack, looked up and a 60ft cottonwood was falling directly at the boat. The guide only had time to get in one half oar stroke and the 2 foot diameter trunk hit the river 2 feet behind the boat. My brother was in the rear and was struck by several branches but was not hurt. The back wash from the splash half filled the boat. They figure it may have been weakened by a beaver then fell in the strong winds. Not sure you can prevent or prepare for something like that but just thought I would share as I had never heard a story like that. I did see a video of the aftermath as the tree floated away the three shaken and soaked fisherman were realizing what may have been....sk
  4. Drove through the crowsnest on our way to Montana this past weekend and sadly saw a for sale sign on the Crowsnest Angler fly shop. I guess Vic wants to get more days on the river. Thanks for your years of great service and insight sir. Now I am off to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise the $500,000 purchase price....lol...sk
  5. The Lottery At the breakfast table a man says to his wife, What would you do if I won the lottery? She says "I would take my half and leave you". He says, "I won 12 dollars yesterday, here's $6.00, keep in touch."
  6. Official Ralph Klein identifed eastern bum and creep here, came west from Ontario in '82 when I was 21...a couple of blinks and it is 32 years later , met and married a rural Alberta girl and have now somewhat successfully raised 3 girls 21,19,16 while keeping the tattoos, piercings and pregnancies to a minimum. Now employed as an IT manager in the O & G world . Started flyfishing about 15 yrs ago, mostly on the Bow. Got more serious when my brother moved his family here ten years go and we each got a pontoon boat. He has recently relocated to Kimberley and this year my Bow visits dropped significantly. hard to choose somedays between fishing, golfing and now pheasant hunting season. About four years ago we started renting a cabin for six months ( May thru October) each year on Rosen Lake BC . while the fish are smaller the solitude and challenge of dry flying in a small mountain stream is intoxicating. Have even discovered a few BC gems that don't require the $20 daily ransom. Always like perusing FFC for a few minutes each day when the work and family stress volume is the loudest. Thanks to all for the insight and laughs over the years...and of course to my forever understanding wife of 23 years..and remember if you havn't grown up by the time your are fifty...you don't have to....sk
  7. New Vehicle Time

    We just bought a 2008 Acura MDX with low mileage....I think it's nice but can't seem to get some time in it thanks to my wife loving it...did notice it is a solid heavy machine but I guess that's why the ride is so good...mileage is truck like...but Honda's go forever...still have the 2002 Yukon for bushwackin but decided I deserved some luxury before I got too old...too late...
  8. Farley Mowat - Passed

    " and no birds sang" is a riveting account of his time in WWII and should be required reading for all students....and of course his frequent appearances on Front Page Challenge for those of us of a certain vintage...at least authors and artists can always be remembered by the media they produced after they leave us...
  9. 4 Wt Rod And Reel

    Great educational thread, I too am putting together a 4 wt setup ( just purchased an Allen Trout II reel now looking at rods). over the past few years I having been exploring smaller creeks both in Alberta and BC and although my 6 wt has sufficed there is an element of overkill. Originally I had reasoned to go for a shorter rod for ease of casting in tight areas, however from all the info posted here that logic seems flawed and nice 8'6 to 9' 4 wt rod will work well for the small creeks and possibly for some dryfly action on the bigger water...thanks FFC
  10. I am in as well and if i lose I am in as well
  11. Hey Rick, I know what there of you speak...I too have tried to balance both recreations over the past few years and this year so far golf has won out. My boat was giving me the proverbial fish eye whenever I grabbed the clubs and walked by it in the garage. And to add to the conumdrum, pheasant season is coming up. Much like you we have a property in the Kootenays where both the fishing and golfing are world class. Let's just enjoy both equally when at play as many others in the world never get to see such special places ....and don't forget to try Wildstone in Cranbrook...incredible golf at a reasonable price ( just close your eyes when crossing the 8 trout streams/rivers between here and there)....sk
  12. When wading I always wear the Redhead wool socks in my boots, great for the winter,spring and fall cold water and bearable during the summer floats...best part is the lifetime warranty, every year I take the holy, stinky pair into BassPro, throw them on the customer care counter from a distance and grab a new pair...no receipt neccesary...
  13. Emerald Lake Lodge - Warning Non Fishing

    Great shots Doc, we spent our first few nights of married life there 21 yrs ago....Incredible colours in October as well...sk
  14. 1988 Olympics Anniversary

    I ended up working as a bartender ( with no experience, beer and wine only) in the U of C dinning hall within the Olympic Village. Highlights included serving Katrina Witt and trading shirts with double gold winner Matti Nykanen ( perhaps the genus of his male stripper career). Watched Russian figure skating gold medal winners stuffing free chocolate bars in their luggage to take home. Attended events at Nakiska ( great big beer tent) and of course the crazy second last day at COP where three or four wind delayed events all happend the same day. Still have a lot of the coverage on VHS, need to get it over to DVD someday to show my kids how this city rocked for two weeks. Actually bought $3500 worth of Vancouver tix but didn't get any Canada hockey or curling so sold them all and reluctantly stayed home but that looked like a helluva a party ... now Rio, that's intriguing....sk
  15. Having a bit of a conundrum...having never stepped foot in the store ( as stated long way from the NW) and as much as I like a good deal, running down there to get a deal when I did not financially support their dream of running a flyshop seems a little reprehensible...having said that I also realize the more they sell now the less is owed to the creditors....