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  1. I checked my fishing logs from the 2005 flood. The Bow peaked around 500 cubic m/s then. This time it hit 1500 cubic m/s. Yep 3X larger than 2005. Wow.
  2. Awesome. Thanks for all the input and info.
  3. Is there a preferred lens colour for fishing? Thinking of getting a new pair of sunglasses.
  4. Just wondering what type of connection you guys use? Nail knot, loop-to-loop connection? Pros and cons? I've always gone with a nail knot connection even with looped flyline and might try a loop-to-loop connection with my new line. Thanks in advance. Busey
  5. Do yourself a favour and leave the quad at home. You won't need it and you'll save on gas hauling it around. There are lots of spots where you can just park your truck, hike the river/creek/lake for 30 min and get the remote wilderness fishing experience you are looking for.
  6. Thems looks good. I picked up a few browns on Saturday with my rubber leg CJs.
  7. I tie them in one at a time. Lay down two wraps of thread over the dubbing then tie in each leg one at time. Dub over the leg tie in point and then dub forward to the bead.
  8. Busey


    I use biot legs on some of my stones as well. The gay stones (not that there is anything wrong with that) still catch fish.
  9. I used Arizona dubbing-light peacock.
  10. Thanks guys. With this crap weather I'll be hittin' the vise all weekend and cranking out some more.
  11. Bought the book "Barr Flies". It's quite good. Here are some of my attempts at the rubber leg copper john.
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