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  1. Am I crazy for thinking the amount of pelicans on the river has increased quite drastically? I only get down to float a few times a year now and when I used to float all the time I don't remember seeing flocks of pelicans like I did this year.
  2. The Ram will not support anything but C&R and even C&R is taking its toll but as mentioned in the article government needs to address the bigger issues such as atv use, cattle grazing, mining, forestry and O&G exploration in the Ram and many other Central Alberta rivers/streams. Dave has some pretty good ideas that would make a lot more sense than the proposed approach. It is a special fishery that deserves to be carefully managed. Lots of prime looking rivers in Central are void of fish and it isn't due to angling pressure.
  3. Probably just two would be enough. The drabber color the better. I'll let you know next time I'm in Calgary! i forgot all about that water bottle haha. Remind me what it looks like I'll see if I can find it. Was it a big red one?
  4. I would take it. I use it to tie weights to duck decoys.
  5. Midge Stoner Zonker Bugger Clouser Dunn FlyFishy
  6. I bet someone on here would trade you blades or let you try theirs to see. I would consider a trade but my blades are sawyers and i don't know if they would be interchangeable with the cataract set up.
  7. I used those blades once and didn't find them to be any different than my cataract blades except in shallow water they do perform a bit better. I would guess you just need to get used to the big boat. Weight of your hull will make a big difference, I just got an old alumaweld driftboat and it rows nicer than my Lavro or Hyde did because it is so much lighter.
  8. A buddy and I tested our Baofeng hand helds and found they will transmit to about 4km in most cases but extreme terrain can reduce that to about 3km. They also have the feature where you can monitor two channels at once which might not be a bad idea for north fork road. You can get a magnetic whip for them to mount on a truck too. Pretty neat little units for $45.
  9. Northfork I was trying to send you a PM but you inbox is full. Send me a message if you don't mind. Is your radio a Baofeng?
  10. North Fork Road channel is Ladd 2(158.940) and they have signage when you enter loaded from FTR that radios are required. 90% of traffic ignores the signage including commercial traffic so be safe. As northfork stated the section where the construction is being done is pretty bad. I was on it a week ago and wouldn't want to be on it after the rain we just had unless you are in a truck or capable SUV. I would not go that way if you are in a car at all until the work is completed which looks like it could be awhile.
  11. I don't get why everyone gets so upset about jet boats but i guess I'm the only one? It can be a bit of a piss off when one pulls into the hole you have been working up to but I've had drift boats and pontoons do the same. Most of them are pretty respectful, run the middle of the river and slow down for anglers more than the enforcement boats. Its not like most places in the city section are quiet and serene anyway?
  12. FlyFishingEMT


    No its the fabric bunching at the edge of the seams where the knees bend. Even tried a different size on the second pair to see if it would remedy the issue but no dice. I'm just giving my 2c I don't really care if people want throw money away on brand names. Every brand seems to have its issues or this wouldn't be a topic that comes up ever 3 months on this forum.
  13. FlyFishingEMT


    They wouldn't warranty the warranty pair that ended up failing in the exact same way as the first pair. When the cheap ones I bought failed I upgraded to sonic pro's and they failed right away. Then the new ones also failed in about the same amount of time. I had issues with the fabric along the edges of the seams around the knees where it flexes/bunches while walking. The fabric would wear through so I ended up having to patch the crap out of them to keep them going. At the time I was fishing a lot but still should get at least a season out of them and it wasn't even close. I had them blown out in the spring before the June 16th opener. Too hard to justify throwing $400 away on a product like that. I could get 3 pairs of the Hodgmans for that price with the same warranty. My hope with the Hodgmans is that the lighter wader material isn't as stiff so maybe it will actually hold up better to lots of walking. Its a long shot but with all the walking I do, very little of it is through thick brush. Time will tell but if they last a year that would be a new record for me. If they last more than half a season or better that will put them on par with other brands I have tried but at a much reduced price point. We will see!
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