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  1. Flyfisher

    Elk Valley and selenium

    And Teck is in the process of opening another mine in the valley, go figure. The authors claim that the Elk River caught cutthroat in the photo is likely a hybrid is somewhat misleading. Visual confirmation of genetic purity is highly inaccurate in the absence of DNA sampling.
  2. Flyfisher

    Odonata; butt breathers

    Biology class was never that good. Good one!
  3. Flyfisher

    Westslope Cutthroat Trout

    Good one Doc, thanks.
  4. Flyfisher

    What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Is that a marabou tail and beard?
  5. Flyfisher

    Straightening Line

    As well, at the end of a days fishing or when storing a reel make sure the fly line is wound very loosely on the reel.
  6. Flyfisher

    A sobering read.

    One easy change would be to start making people aware of these issues beginning early days in school. Otherwise I think a change of ways may well be a lost cause. The motor head culture (ORV) is a relatively modern day prime example of reckless ignorance gone awry.
  7. Flyfisher

    stonefly tails - alternatives

    My experience with stimies: high and dry, the higher they float in the meniscus the better they work.
  8. Good post. It's all to easy to become complacent about taking the time to recognize and access potential hazards in and about moving water at any time of year.
  9. Flyfisher

    June opening day

    No problem, just go the day before.
  10. Flyfisher

    A few year end memories

    Fish porn at it's best.
  11. Thanks for that. Entertaining, interesting and thought provoking.
  12. Flyfisher

    Cutty Crisis

    Yes, they need to be identified and protected. However I think it is questionable that in all cases they should be closed to angling if a localized population can support a well managed C&R fishery. Of course fundamental to this would be defining and implementing "well managed".
  13. Flyfisher

    Cutty Crisis

    In of itself a shorter season won't do much. The scope of threats to westslope survival goes well beyond angling pressure. Resource management has to change.
  14. Flies, I wouldn't, I don't. My landing net is included in disinfecting my gear.
  15. A 10 min. soak in Quat Plus. Product available online from Grand & Toy. Consult supplier for dilution rate. This product at correct dilution rate is harmless to gear. Used by Fish & Wildlife in BC. https://www.grandandtoy.com/en/product/167412321_Dustbane_Quat_Plus_DisinfectantCleaner.aspx#review-tab