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  1. Good luck to those dealing with this. It would be a crime too see such a beautiful stream compromised by such brazen carelessness and disregard.
  2. You raise a very good point. I believe Hatch (?) magazine in the USA dedicates space in it's issue to such concerns in the US. I would like to see our own publications do the same. Fly Fusion magazine comes to mind as good one to adopt such a policy. The normal fair gets some what boring and redundant after a while.
  3. I lost a box once, so I know how it feels losing one. A good idea is to put your name and a contact somewhere on the box.
  4. Vibrant alone on slippery boulder and cobble freestoner streams is a HAZARD for anyone not wanting a fall. Forget about having secure footing. Had Simms vibram and exchanged them for felt, and suggested to the fly shop I purchased them at that they warn folks that they are not the same as felt on slick rocks! No questions asked when said I wanted to exchange them for felt boots after a days use.
  5. I'd be focusing on getting regulations that restrict jet boat use on small streams. Meanwhile leaving the barbed wire issue alone.
  6. That's a lot of water to cover while walk & wading particularly for a new comer. May be better to select a stream that offers more fishy water per km.
  7. I know the area intimately and can't think of a stream within your driving range that isn't classified.
  8. That video brings back memories. I know that location and those fish well! Did 5 or 6 consecutive trips there between 2000 and 2006. At that time it was pretty much undiscovered. It is a unique fishery with a very interesting history associated with it.
  9. It depends. If it's a tried and true pattern I like to have 6 of the best size on hand when on the water. If I'm tying up a new pattern or tweaking a tried and true for improvement I tie up 3 or 4 and test them. My fishing trips are always multi day trips and I always travel with my tying kit. I don't have need for huge numbers of any given pattern to have on hand. The more I fish lakes and streams coupled with years of experience I find my stock of go to patterns is relatively small. I'm a firm believer that timing and presentation are far more paramount to success then vast selection. Freque
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