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  1. Cool news! Still wanna float the nw section down through the city!!
  2. I’d have to say a cutbow, with those colours and the slash under the jaw!
  3. Thanks monger! The picture really doesn’t show the girth of the fish. Nice colours too, though!
  4. http://imgur.com/V8ZfxD3 Nice brown I caught over the weekend. Fattest one I’ve ever seen. Probably 22”, but like a soup can of a gut!
  5. I had lost one earlier in the year. I lost it at the 22x Deerfoot extender bridge. It’s got clear rubber mesh, wood net. Had a sketch on the handle and it would have an old gold clip still attached to the handle. I can’t recall the name though. Figured it’s worth a shot to see what you got
  6. Just wondering if anyone has used these for the bow of a drift boat to use a Scotty anchor lock? Thanks!
  7. What if they started stocking other trout like browns, broookies and tigers in the lakes with perch? They are more predacious than rainbows, could be a win win?
  8. Hahaha I seen this video yesterday!! Man are we lucky!!
  9. I’ve tied a couple low fat minnows with senyos laser dub, like silver doctor said, any long fiber dubbin will do.
  10. That’s awesome. What’s the recipe if you don’t mind? I have an idea, want to confirm.
  11. Just curious, probably a dumb question, but is aca and my wild alberta, 2 separate organizations that stock alberta trout lakes?
  12. What’s the best way to get involved with a groups like Bow River Trout Foundation? Donate? I really appreciate effort and time they’ve put in since they were formed. Like to get behind them!
  13. The blocks at glenmore are there just to keep people driving up and down the river. Can only launch boat and get your vehicle to the parking area. Should see vehicles lined up and down the shore!
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