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  1. i am expecting tires will run between $900 - $1100 almost as much as a new rod
  2. well seems i better get some better tires - oh well its only money - now to see what shops are open on a Sunday - refuse to shop Crappy tire, those clowns never seem to get anything right. thanks guys (gals)
  3. just got back from the back country (and yes i slow down on gravel roads for other cars), seems i ran over a sharp rock and gave my tire a nice 1 inch gash. Luckily i found a tire shop in Pincher Creek - the guy was supposed to close at 6 but was doing paper work when i got there with my flat. anyway he recommended i get Light Truck Tires at least 6 ply or higher if i do those roads regularly. Not being much of a tire expert, i was wondering if anyone had recommendations as to is it really needed or are a replacement 'P' rated tire ok do the tires on gravel roads make that much difference? thanks
  4. signed - I will be in NZ in 2 years for my birthday and part of my present to myself will be fishing for about 3 days - will need to take this river in, any other suggestions?
  5. my faith in capitalist geniuses is restored! thanks
  6. if i expand my mind anymore my sunglasses wont fit ok i will take the bait - ease me into your world of music and recommend 1 or 2 from your list for me to expand my mind if it sits well I will send you a couple from my list that you can try
  7. thanks funny i just sent the post and guesswhat I saw - the banner ad for "Icky" coincedence?
  8. sounds like a waste of vodka to me - but I did see that on Myth busters and it proved to be about the best way to get smell out and they confirmed it to be true
  9. Great advice especially the going for lunch part. i was at a fly shop the day after trying for some help and he told me some of the same things you mentioned - especailly the small fly part. I laughed when he showed me some of the flies he recommended 'cause I would spend most of the day trying to get the line through the eye - you would think there must be an easier way to tie small flies onto your line especially as the numbers of fly fisher folk age and our eyesight gets a tad poorer - where are the genuises that find a solution to things like this? how about selling pretied flies for some of us?
  10. yup that was me down there - i found a lfy that worked for one fish but none other. changed up several times befoer i found anohter fly for one fish pretty much how the day went - it was interesting to see all the fish and crazy that there were a bunch hanging around my feet and totally ignoring me, even when i Moved they stayed with me. they were most likly having a good laugh at my expense
  11. anyone ever buy flies on line? I have seen a couple of sights where you can buy flies an the price looks preety good as opposed to buying retail. those who have (I dont tie flies though I may have to at the rate I lose them) what srot of experience have you had? Is the quality good, are the suppliers reliable? any recommmneded sites to buy flies from? If you buy larger volumes (say a few on line forum members Hook up to share an order) would anyone be interested? thanks
  12. ok but we are in a capitalist economy - we can vote with our dollars is it not possible to exert some $$$ muscle by asking more and more for Barbless? just food for thought - cause my wife asked me the question and it got me thinking - why not
  13. wow i must be in a different age group cause i dont recongise any of those surpised you even know what a CD player is arent you like 12 - a GOD of a fisherman - but what do you know about music?
  14. so do you know which retailers sell the barbless hooks - i think we should support the effort. i also dont see a whole lot of extra cost in not having a barb - hell after a few thousand hooks it is probably cheaper in (what ever metal they use) so who sell local made hooks?
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