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Awesome work.


I am interested, but struggling with the basic machining principals, so haven't taken that leap. I have made passable cap and ring reel seats, but the idea of multiple, large fitting parts is daunting.

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That is really impressive, nicely done. Imagine it is pretty rewarding when you catch a big fish to see how the drag system works and landing it on a reel you built.

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Bingo!! I haven't laughed so hard in years. Gana still talks about the rodeo.


8' 5piece cane rod / 6wt silk line / 3x tippet / #12 hopper. I still have the remains of the hopper and the 3x leader package tucked away in my memorabilia.


You'll recognize your watch band in my screen saver...




and in this grayling shot...



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nice work, did you make these on a manual machine , or a cnc ?


if you did these in cnc , how did u program ? mastercam . or long hand g code? or mazatrol.


have any experince with titanium?


was a swiss screw machines used?

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These were made on manual machines. I've always wanted a Haas Mini Mill and a CNC slant bed lathe but can't justify them for my shop.


No swiss machines used although they would be great for the small repetitive parts like pillars.


No titanium experience.

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This thread had been dormant for a long while - any other reel makers want to chime in?

7" rendition of the old Hardy Fortuna deep sea reel.  This is an anti-reverse cork drag reel.  Hardy actually made these up to 9" diameter.




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