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  1. Thanks for all the cool replies. Southern Alberta graylings sound pretty rare. I'm not sure if it's possible to check it off my list.
  2. Has anyone here ever caught a Montana grayling in southern Alberta, or heard of one being caught in Alberta? I seem to remember reading about them when visiting Waterton, but anything I have read lately suggests that they were never really present in Alberta streams. Thanks for any information. It is just for personal curiosity.
  3. I assume you are discussing the land owner on the SW corner of the confluence. Has anyone had issues on the SE corner of the confluence and downstream? Some of it is a designated natural area and there is some of the bank is cliff so you can't stay below the high watermark.
  4. Cool story. I wonder if the cutthroats in Sawback lake have been there since the last ice age or did someone did someone do some coffee can stocking a 100 years ago. Just curious
  5. I am pretty sure I tried to buy a license some time in March because I was away April 1. Maybe there were zero classified water tags for sale in early July.
  6. Sorry, I meant classified water tags. Thanks.
  7. When exactly did these rod days go on sale? I can't remember the exact day I looked. Near the end of March I believe. But all the rod-days for Wigwam were gone for when I was going to Fernie. I thought licenses went on sale Apr 1. I just phoned BC govt line and the person couldn't answer my question. Oh well, the mountain biking is unreal in Fernie.
  8. Maybe I am stating the obvious, I don't get to fish the Bow often. I have always parked beside the campground down there and crossed the Highwood right there, and walked down to the Bow. To my knowledge this is the HIghwood River Natural area, it should not be a problem to walk there. I avoid walking down the west side of the Highwood because of all the trespassing signs. I have walked downstream on the Bow a ways with out problems. Which landowner is the problem?
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Lots to think about. I am looking at the TCX. It seems like a good deal.
  10. I have never spey casted before. I would like to fish for steelhead in NW BC in the near future. I am considering a 12'6" 7wt rod. If i were to get one rod would this be OK or do I need something heavier?
  11. Thanks for posting this. I have one his books. He was a real champion for trout. I am always amazed at the variety of trout and their life histories.
  12. I have hiked into Michelle Lakes a couple of times. It is a 8-9 hour hike with some bushwhacking. Lots of 8-10" fish.
  13. Cool Picture. Buckshot lived down the alley from me when I was growing up.
  14. When I look at the Backroad Mapbook it looks like Rainy Ridge Lake is in BC. On Google Earth there is a lake just over the border in BC too. Is Rainy Ridge Lake the lake with the small island? I have never fished for golden trout down south. I would like to give it a try. I have been to Michele Lakes twice and caught fish both times, but it is 8+ hours of bushwacking to get there.
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