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  1. Your theory sounds great. I have thought that the surface air temperature is 90 % radiated from the ground surface and 10% of the heat is directly from the sun. That is why temps cool when you increase altitude on a plane. Also why Newfoundland surface temp could be -30 but it could still be -5, 2 miles affshore.
  2. I think in the near future the pressure on the eastern slopes will be regulated(rod days etc.) and this will be very helpful for the fish. Needs to go on draw just like hunting. Very little regulation in fishing pressure now and so many fishers pounding the pools relentlessly as discussed here.
  3. Northern Saskatchewan is a nice place to fish or hunt for sure. I would just like to fish lakes that have less pressure than Slims cabins. Not interested in any places that do have roads into them and the ones i am interested in have little to no traffic. Was thinking of flying in and using the cabins, that is why i was interested in pics of cabins. No way to get to the lakes in the summer other than walking or flying.
  4. Do you have any pictures you could share and how was the fishing?
  5. Spent some time today talking with a friend about fishing North and east of Ft. Chipewyan. I think it was Mikisew sport fishing or a similar name that used to fly people in for unguided or self directed fishing. They supplied the boats, cabin, fuel etc. Was wondering if anyone on here fished the area or had any pictures of the cabins on any of the lakes. I would think the cabins are still around. Would be a great trip to a fairly untouched area as there are many lakes with poor access. Float plane would be the norm.
  6. I have looked many times and cant see anything... Could be my eyesight isnt as good as yours but the dark tanks looks light it could possibly be metal. Could you look again and put exact time down to see the goldfish. thanks!
  7. Your skill set is way better than most of the fisherman i have ever met in the past. I have always struggled with the difficulty in wading or traversing moving water in the dark. Unless you have the path and rocks below the surface committed to memory it is quite dangerous in my mind and i don't enjoy that. Some fellows like yourself have no struggle at all. Casting without spending a lot of the time tangling in vegetation, logs, rocks and debris in the water is very challenging for myself as my pupils don't let as much light in as they did when i was 16. Down in the S.W. there is also a ton of wildlife that dont start to move until the sun sets and that too makes me quite uneasy and it for sure contributes to challenging the night. What a kid will risk to catch a tank is awe inspiring and meeting them when i am returning home at dusk as they are heading out in running shoes is quite something and one of the things causes me to tip my hat to them when we pass. Tip of the hat to you and your mastering of fishing in the dark unless of course your go to is still water stocked trout. Myself I find it much easier to fish before the sun sets.
  8. In a perfect world I would go down to the river and see fish rising and I tie on a fly that matches and start catching them. In the real world, my world anyway this hasn't happened too many times in my fishing career but one August many summers ago i tried something a bit different. My usual style is i try all my -go to- flys, about six of them and if i don't succeed with any of those i tie on one of the next 87 i hardly ever use. They never worked much before and probably will carry on with the same rate of success. It got me thinking what actually constitutes a hatch or how many times does a fish need to see bug on the water to decide its a hatch and it will start feeding? I don't believe they hit the first bug that floats through their window as it wouldnt really matter much what fly you had on. Would it be the fifth six or how many. Does the first bug of the hatch get a worry free ride all the way through..... Possibly but I think it would get hit by the first hungry 4" dink trout sooner or later. So one day about fifteen years ago i was near a bridge in the SW and there were hoppers everywhere it seemed. I sat down nearby and watched and realized that a very few actually hit the water but when they did they would not get hit until they were flowing with the river and at almost a collection point so to speak. I watched for about an hour and i wasn't fishing, just hanging out. A fine summer day built for watching moving water for sure. A few days had passed when i returned and there were many dead hoppers hit by cars on the road as it was a fairly busy road into town. I picked up about 40 of them and took them home with a plan in mind to create a hatch. I waited until the hoppers were no more and the air was cooler and returned without any gear other than my hoppers. I dropped a dead hopper in the water where i knew it would drift through a hole which held fish that i have been to so many times before. Notta thing hit, no action what so ever as far as i could see. I kept at it dropping those hoppers one at a time until the seventh one and BANG! Down that sucking thing went and it was better than catching it with a rod as by then i just wasnt ready for it. I am sure my heart skipped a beat and my eyes bulged on the first hit. I kept at it dropping a hopper every minute or so and the next half dozen got pounded hard. Some of the hoppers were in pretty brutal shape as they didnt die a gentle death, they got hammered by everything on the road. I dont know why but after those first ones the next ten never got hit at all and i left. My conclusion was these fish are actually not too bright and are quite habitual and have an on or off switch programmed in them. I think if you have a hopper on the end of your line and could cast it over the same trout seven times perfectly you should catch them. It should work for most natural hatches too if everthing else is there sholdn't it? If everything lines up with all things like water temps, pressure etc. we should always be able to make a hatch instead of matching one....right?
  9. One reason i think people post less often is so many people sit and watch the forum and never post anything until they feel they can point their finger...... Go on about the way the poster handled the fish or about their barb or what they are using for a net and on and on and on...... Bitching about the other users of the water or what the gov or bios arn't doing for them blah blah blah. How everyone should do what they do and the rivers and streams would be perfect... Lets cut some slack to the posters and not be so dam critical of our peers. Just get out and fish! Just because you have been flogging the water since christ was a cowboy doesn't mean the new kid cant serve you a helping of humble pie. I have seen many local kids down in the SW that can draw out the tanks long after the sun has set and most fly floggers would "reel" at there methods and style of flogging the water.
  10. There is the Alberta Outdoosman forum. Very busy place with lots of flyfishing and other areas of recreating in Alberta's Outdoors.
  11. I decided to go to the local Pow-Wow at the Standoff Reserve for the first time to see what it was all about: I sat down and the Chief came up to me, laid his hands on my hand and said: "By the will of the Elders and the Great Creator - you will walk today." I told him I wasn't paralyzed, But I did have a small bunion on my left foot. He came back and laid his hands on me and looking skywards, earnestly repeated his mantra: "By the will of the Elders and the Great Creator - you will walk today." Once again, I told him there really was nothing wrong with me. After much chanting and drum beating, I stepped outside. And WHAT THE ****? ‎ MY CAR WAS GONE !!!!
  12. I have never posted a hot spot and never will. It does nothing for the fish either.
  13. The trillion will not kill your grass if you spray every second day as long as you mix it at the correct ratio. If you are starting out I would keep making rounds and spot spraying any weed that looks like it is not dying every three days. You are going to need to spray the clover more that the other weeds.
  14. I spot spray everything on the lawn from the beginning. Spray all of the Clover on the heavy side with your trillion in the morning just after any dew is gone. Clover likes low nitrogen conditions too so get a fertilizer that is very high in nitrogen when you are trying to "clean up" the lawn. Go heavier with it and i would pass on the slow release types too. Keep the lawn short and Mow often, not that your going to have a choice after the high nitrogen content fertilizer.
  15. T&T 3wt 7'6" with a classic double taper for the small dry flys that deserve a bit of grace and quite often a better caster than I. My only regret is I did not get it with a down locking seat.
  16. Why would it cause the launch to be shut down?
  17. You need to show them a land location like an acreage, farmland or Golf course with your name on it like a property tax bill where it would be legal to do so. You need to sign for it and they need to keep track of where it is being used. The fear is that some people will use it in a harmful way such as spraying way to much of it just before a big rainstorm and it being washed into the storm sewers etc. and going directly into the rivers. In their eyes you can not handle the responsibility but every golf course and farmer can. At one time it was not like this and the weed and feed and other types of herbicide worked well but they outlawed it and only the biggest users still have access. Imagine how many thousands of gallons of the stuff is used just on the golf courses in Calgary..... If you do use it just read all directions and be very responsible with its use. Lots of reading material on line. The active ingredient is 2,4-d and you can still buy it in some consumer products but it is so watered down it ends up costing much more. Bought 10 liters at a time ends up costing about 21 cents per liter instead of 15.00 $ per liter.....75 times as much!
  18. A 10 liter jug of Trillion from UFA is currently 129$ Par 3 is also 129$ for the 10 liter jug. I was told at UFA they are the same and have bought both and could not detect any difference.
  19. Was not posted anonymously. There may be several threads with this exact topic but coming from a different angle.
  20. I would bet the writer knows Kevin or winston much better......
  21. I personally hope that ATV's are banned on the Eastern Slopes for able bodied users. Aside from that many also believe no one does more damage to an environmental cause than the fellow being discussed. An Open Letter to the Crowsnest Journal FB page : There are hundreds of thousands of OHV users in Southern Alberta and over 1.5 million ATV's registered in all of Alberta. You are one little person with an aggressive agenda hidden behind a facade of long hair and pseudo-science. Your free little page here on FB, and what is written on it, is often found repugnant by many decent, considerate people in both the conservation and OHV camps. The fact you haven't held a job for 3 decades speaks loudly of your reliance on others to support you; the same way you rely on a certain personality type to support your page. Most of the cocky little comments and replies you've made on this post and many others also prove your outright agenda to misrepresent the facts in order to facilitate your need for recognition. In fact, your narcissism only exacerbates the real issue here: you. YOU are a detriment to the watershed you so covetously proclaim to be warden over. Your undermining of a common belief held by the majority of wilderness users, that all groups deserve recognition and the opportunity to experience the wilderness however they most wish to, and not to be the recipients of the derision and finger pointing you so absolutely excel in, will cause further distrust of you. I mean, why be more open about their legal and thoughtful pursuits on the Eastern Slopes when they have you and your fb shaming tactics to contend with? I've spent enough time reading your posts on your horse and pony page and laughing at mean little tantrums, laughable attempts at journalism and a childlike persona. I won't spend any more though. You've proven again..and again....that my valuable time will be much better spent in assisting citizens who passionately care about their pastime, other people AND the environmental protection process. I encourage all OHV users to do the same. Ignore him long enough and maybe he'll go away? Not likely I know. But if you stop feeding him, perhaps he'll starve. I learned something very important today. No, not on that FB page. It was at an event....an important one for all ecologically inclined people of our area. I learned that one person, no matter how unbalanced and out-spoken, will never make a difference in the big picture. What will though, are the positive, impactful public displays and communiqués which are so well received by the general public and will continue to gain headway and popularity.
  22. Great advice above. Go to a good electronics shop to buy your material and get good advice on solder and flux, never acid core. If you don't currently own a soldering tool get a pencil style rather than a gun. 100.00 will get you one that will last the rest of your life. Watch a few you tubes on soldering as its a great skill to have. Don't melt the solder, let the solder flow to the heat.
  23. Par 3 or similar is the way to go for sure. Best thing going if your target is broad leaf weeds like dandelions. Give each weed a very slight spray with a container with a pump to pressurize and in a couple days they are dead. 73 mls/ gallon(very inexpensive to use) is good but if you make it stronger it will kill your grass too or stuff like quack grass... Keep the lawn as healthy as possible and cut low and you will choke out the quack grass over time too. Irrigation systems are very efficient users of water and make for a healthy lawn so if its an option do it. The companies that spray lawns now are not nearly as effective as they once were because of not being able to use 2,4-d in residential areas. Millions of gallons of herbicde with 2,4-d like Par 3 are currently used in agriculture and of course heavily used at the golf courses in your area but is not now sold to home owners so find someone with an acreage or farm to get it. Dont use it if you think its going to rain with in a couple of days. Just use it in a responsible manner and read the directions.
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