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  1. To clarify; Mike did NOT leave the note. The note said "Mike has your rod" and a phone #. FHD
  2. Bump. More to this story. During the time that my "friend" didn't have his rod, he had booked a guided trip in B.C. that he was going to cancel because he didn't have a rod. So, I told him he could use my 4wt. Went out with my Son and fished a Central Alberta stream and upon finishing up, I must have caught my Sage tip on a tree while bush whacking. Found out on my next trip I had broken it. No problem, had my 4wt. Opened up my rod case and started to put the 4pc together when I noticed my 20lb butt section and my leader removed from the fly line loop. Okay..... Once I put it all together I noticed multiple scratches on the reel and a wobble to the spool as if it had been dropped and left to vibrate in a truck box or something similar as paint was scratched off of it too. I guess I should have looked at the rod once it was returned but, who expects something like this? I replace the butt, leader and go to cast....no drag and the line free-spools. Try to tighten up drag, nada. Take it apart and find a 6" section of what looks like grey poly tarp wound around the gears and one gear broken. BUT, he place my reel in bubble pack before zipping up my rod case. Gee thanks! I try to give people the benefit of the doubt so I text him. Nothing. Since it's the wife of his I work with and she told me the story of his missing rod, that's how I got involved. Two week pass and no response so I confront his wife here at work. She instantly gets her dander up once I show her my text to him and remarks, "he responded back". I said, "no" there is no answer on my phone from him. She's adamant and says she saw the text he sent and walks away! To date, I have not had a response and the woman avoids me now. Probably a good thing! I spend a lot of time and energy on this mans issue and am now left with a 4wt reel that is usable but certainly not in the pristine condition it was in because I'd only used it a few times. It is what it is now. I tried to go the "extra distance" for a fellow fisherman and got burnt. I guess no good deed goes unpunished. FHD
  3. Butter Stick is a popular rod. Not sure of the length but lots of guys like the fiberglass action. FHD
  4. There are a number of Casual jobs (Stores I) at various locations in Calgary. Each location has it's unique job requirements. The jobs are not too technical in nature and have to do mostly with stocking and ordering medical supplies and dock/warehouse work. Most casuals work full-time hours (37.5/hrs/week) if they choose to. Being that there is high turnover rate for casuals, if you show up for work when called, are a quick learner and do a good job, you will most likely get the hours in to help pay some bills and it could lead to something more permanent down the road; if that interests you. I post this knowing that many are struggling to make ends meet. Do not think that you are "overqualified" and may not get an opportunity. We have engineers etc. working with us as casuals. Site Supervisors just need workers. The rate of starting pay is in the $21/hr. range. If you have questions, you can PM me and I will do my best to answer any enquiries. Cheers.....FHD
  5. I attended the film fest on Thursday, and for the most-part enjoyed it. I would like recognize the obviously ill individual behind me for constantly coughing on me and others resulting in passing along their sickness to at least two others. In this day and age, I would have to say if your sick, STAY AWAY FROM PUBLIC EVENTS OR AT LEAST HAVE SOMETHING TO COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU ARE SPEWING AS YOU PASSED IT TO ME AND MY SON!!! JERKWEED. Rant over. FHD
  6. Update: So after many calls and texts to "Mike", my friend decide to call the RCMP to see what they could do. The constable called "Mike" and of course he didn't answer and it went to voicemail. Lo and behold shortly after the Constable left the message, "Mike" called my friend saying he had his fishing rod and apologized as he had been away for 6 weeks. I find it strange that he knew my friends number to call as the Constable would not have left the info in the message and that everyone with a cell phone these days checks their messages at one time or another. (LIAR)"Mike" said he would be coming into to Calgary and would drop off his rod. They met and the guy walked up to him and said "here is your rod" got back into his truck and drove away with his two kids and wife in the car. So, Mr. "Mike" got caught in my eyes and was forced to return the rod. So, all good but it sure left a bad taste in my mouth as to the values and ethics of "some" people. He probably got pissed at the guy that left the note. But, to that person who knew that Mike would try to keep what wasn't his, GOOD ON YOU SIR! FHD
  7. Good Day Everyone. This was posted on the Alberta Outdoor forum as well. Please read. Thanks. FHD I am posting for a friend in need and to hopefully expose someone who took something that wasn't theirs and wishes to keep it et el "finders keepers". Two weeks ago (approx.) my new friend left his rod close to the side of the road where he parked at the Old Man River Falls Area. At the time, there was one other car there as he left for the day. Upon unpacking, he discovered that he had left his rod by the side of the road. Flustered, he got back in his car and drove out to find a pile of rocks on the side of the road and a note that read "mike has your rod" and a phone number. He has tried to contact "Mike" left voicemail and texted him. Nadda. In reading the note it is assumed that "Mike" had a buddy that didn't think he should just keep the rod. Hence, the wording on the note. This person "Mike" is from Nisku found by reverse directory. All this man wants is his rod back. So, if anyone knows this person please implore him to return the property that is rightfully his. I encourage his friend who left the note to pressure him to return the rod and reel. A more formal approach is being considered as we have his address and full name now which I will not publish for obvious reasons. So, Mike, if you are on this forum and reading this, I believe it would be in your best interests to answer your phone or text messages before this event is escalated to a point you may not like very much. Anyone who has info on this may pm me on my new friends behalf. In the meantime, the "lost rod and reel" was a Fenwick Atos 9', 5wt with an Ultralight DD reel. Please help if you can. Someone MUST know "Mike from Nisku" as it ain't a blooming metropolis and we both thank you for reading this and hope to get his rightful property back in his hand before possible RCMP involvement. FHD
  8. Lesley Peterson is Trout Unlimited Canadas Alberta biologist, based in Calgary, and a member of the provincial Whirling Disease Committee. Petersons presentation will include a background on whirling disease including the life cycle of the parasite that causes it, the history and distribution of the disease and how it can affect fish. She will also provide an update on the situation in Alberta and what we can all do to prevent the spread of whirling disease and other aquatic invasive species." Cost: $5 suggested donation at the door Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 Family Friendly Event 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm ES 162, Earth Sciences 844 Campus Place N.W. Calgary Telephone: 403-678-5593 http://swerveevents.com/events/lesley-peterson-whirling-disease/
  9. Bolean lake is boat "friendly" so you can use what you wish all the way up to a ski boat. Launching can be done at the resort ($) or at the adjacent Crown campsite. It is fairly shallow in most areas and large gang trolls are really difficult to use. Being that it at the top of a plateau, storms can and do come in quickly so being diligent in watching the skies above the treeline is absolutely necessary. As I said before though, it always been a wonderful place for our family. I have a picture on our fridge from when the kids were young (1 and 4) of them feeding the ducks. They always looked forward to the yearly trip. The last time we were there a few years back, my daughter was 21 and my son 24. But, great memories over the years. I even won 2nd place in a fishing derby there once! Caught the fish ten feet off the dock! Great place to teach fly fishing to the kids as well. Message me for more info if you like. FHD
  10. Yup. Beautiful place. Main lake Lodge has small cabins as you probably saw on their website. That's where we stayed. There is a small campground at the Lodge location but anywhere off the site is Crown land as the Lodge area is only 5 private acres on Bolean Lake. A small campground across the lake from the lodge is unserviced and there are unserviced primitive campgrounds at Spa and Arthur too. No cost to camp the Crown lands. Great place for quads, if that's your thing. 20kms around the lake. Easy to launch small boats, and some great hatches up there! Hit one year that there was a black ant hatch that lasted three days. The fishes stomachs were exploding with them! If you are looking to go, drop me a line and I will provide you with info on what flies have worked for me up there for the various times during the spring and summer. Cheers...FHD
  11. Yup. I was up there a few years ago. I didn't know you were related Pete or we would have asked for a discount. Or not.... Cool place with many lakes to fish within minimal distance from the Lodge. Also you could list Bolean Lake Lodge in Falkland BC. Kind of scary drive up (10KM on switchbacks) but once on top of the plateau, it's realy beatiful with three lakes to fish and little pressure and nice sunsets. Went there on my honeymoon and continued to go every year for 15+ years. Probably learned the most about lake fishing there. Bolean- small size rainbows (<2lbs), Arthur Lake larger (<6lbs) and Spa (never fished it). FHD
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