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  1. Worth a shot but definitely not yours. Thanks for asking. It’s a really nice net so I’d like to get it back to whoever lost it
  2. I floated the bow Tuesday afternoon and found a net along the bank either left behind or washed up. If you lost a net pm me with a description as I’d like to get it back to the owner.
  3. Topic should be Pike or Trout.
  4. I'm looking to do one last fishing day of the year this next weekend and wondering if it'd be best to float police to mac or if there'd be any pike still in the shallow water. I've fished Clear lake before and was thinking maybe of trying it again but not sure if they'd be feeding in shallower water right now. I don't get the chance to get out fishing much so wanted to make the most of my day and any advice would be appreciated.
  5. As a chiropractor I see and treat many people with wrist, elbow and shoulder problems and use different techniques like ART, Graston, and Kinesio taping. For the shoulder, a big aspect of those problems is due to weak posture. I utilize a posture shirt called IntelliSkin that helps cue proper posture in your back which makes a big difference in how you hold your shoulder, and people have reported awesome results and avoided shoulder surgery using it. You can check out this link to learn more about it. https://www.intelliskin.net
  6. Thanks for the info Vagabond. I agree it is usually not the safest time but thought with the little snowfall, warmer temperatures and little rain we've received that runoff may be minimal and early this year.
  7. I'm also curious about float times as I'm looking to take a group of 14-15yr old scouts down the bow river in canoes. I was wondering about times that would be fun but still safe and amount of time expected between put in and take out. Times that I was hoping for was June 26th and 27th, but not sure how big runoff will be this year and if it would be safe at that time? We plan to camp one night too and thought we could put in at Glenmore and take out at Carseland. Any advice and estimation on float times would be much appreciated.
  8. DonAnderson, can you buy a 20' leader or do you just add tippet material to the end of a 9 or 12' leader?
  9. Thanks jpinkster. That is great advice as I've listen to the Orvis podcasts on streamer fishing especially for Pike and wasn't sure on the retrieve I sho use. I was also thinking of using some poppers and divers that I used for bass fishing in Texas and wondered if by chance they would work for any top water action for pike?
  10. Thanks for the great advice and resources to look at. bcube thanks for the heads up about the free class I think that would be great to attend. Screaminreal, does Lees lake have camping as I would plan to take my family there if so? Also how long of a leader should I be using if I'm fishing with an indicator and chronomids versus how long should I have a leader for pike fishing? I'm sure this may be in the videos and books you guys have mentioned with Chan and Rowley but if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks again for the help.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm no expert fly fisherman by any means but have only fished River systems before and am looking to try some Stillwater fishing this year but am not sure where to start or what set up I should look at? I did do some pike fishing last year one day on Clear lake and had a lot of fun but was curious about when they start to get active again, feeding in the shallows sometime after ice off and summer when the whether warms up from what I under but when is that typically? When and where would be a good place to start looking to catch trout as well and should I start with chronomids under an indicator or use a streamer? I have a 9' pontoon boat and got a 34lb trolling motor for Christmas that I'm excited to try out so any advice, tips, and suggestions for where and how to get started would be great and much appreciated.
  12. The water wasn't too bad and with the sun shining it felt nice for a tiny bit. Thanks everyone for the advice and those who pm'd me about getting rid of theirs'.
  13. So I caught my first pike on the weekend and tested out my pontoon boat. It was a blast, but there's only one problem, I want to go lake fishing more now, so I have to buy a trolling motor for my pontoon. Just curious if there was any advice as to make/models and size anyone would recommend or if anyone has one sitting around they'd like to get rid of? I have a 9' pontoon boat with motor mount plate. Not looking for anything too special just solid quality. Thanks!
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