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  1. Great Link! Can't wait to go, only 3 more weeks!!! woot woot.
  2. Anyone know the answer to this question: First name of person who started the speypages? I lost my password to the site and I can't see the answer to the random question. thanks
  3. OMG, I used the mortgage calculator on the website and if you have 10% down ($890,000), over 25 years at 5.2%, your monthly payment is a mere $47,500. Great deal!!!
  4. Sure, let me just free up some investments real quick... is cash ok
  5. Freakin Ridiculous! Loved the trip report. I am so jealous right now it`s not even funny. Luckily i`m headed to New Zealand in April! It may not be for 3 whole months, but 2 weeks is a start! Tight lines mate... Drew
  6. The names of the rivers are no big secret, but I don't want to ruffle any feathers so I deleted them. Thanks again guys, it was still a great trip and met a few new friends. Drew
  7. I'm no expect either, but I have found swinging big flies for summer run fish very effective. You can cover a lot of water fast, without missing any sections and it's damn fun. I have heard of guys nymphing in really low clear water (spooky fish) conditions, like they sometimes have high up on the Kispiox, but you rarely see anyone nymphing. Up in BC you do see the occassional gear guy, and they always say they do well, so if definitely works!
  8. Not so nice water! Secret River 927496 Secret River 098476 Secret River 14293: Secret River 0098270 Secret River 873006
  9. Thanks guys, it really was a great trip. The heavy rain hit the night I got in (50mm), but I drove hours in every direction to find the cleanest water possible. Luckily the first km of Secret River 238694 was clear, and some of the upper stretches of other rivers were fishable so it wasn't a total loss. Definitely not the same numbers as last year, but I take what i can get. I'll post some pictures of the "not so nice" water conditions when I get a chance so you get an idea of how bad it really was...lol
  10. Here are a few highlights from this years trip. All rivers were high and off-colour making fishing quite challenging, but still had a great time! Grizzly on Secret River 7878923 Tight Lines!
  11. Who would you guys recommend for a Clutch Job? Same guys mentioned above? or would you go to a company that does many a day? I'm up in Westhills, so we don't have to many shops around this area. I was thinking Mike's Auto?
  12. I have fished a few big pools over the past 3 weeks and found that the fish are literally everywhere in the pool. But, it definitely seems like the bigger fish sit in the deepest part of the pools, but not always!!! The key is getting down, I think I averaged about 2 lost flies per hour, which I can live with.
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