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  1. Its is now full of Brook trout so not sure they can claim it as a success
  2. Further to that suggestions were ones being discussed in the 80's ..LOL
  3. Let me chime on this.. A number of lakes in Banff National Park were closed in the summer of 2017 because of Whirling disease and the need to study whether the trout in these lakes have whirling or not. Fine I get that. However what I don't get is why Parks won't tell us anything on where they are at with studying the lakes or where they are headed in terms for the future. I have sent numerous requests for information but have received no responses. I guess it will requiring going to the top. My historical information also conflicts with Parks view on Marvel lake as I believe cutthroat were not native to the lake but parks now says they were. And then there is the issue with Birds and the transmittal of whirling...
  4. Cutties were added last fall. A few of the rainbow ponds will be stocked shortly.
  5. While I don't disagree with the criticism towards the feds...The Province and those employees who had the chance to do address many of these issues did nothing.
  6. You could be right but closing them won't stop possible spread by birds. Hikers could do the same. Hopefully common sense will prevail.
  7. The 2018 Regs are out on paper although not yet on the internet that I can find. Major changes in Banff National Park as a number of Lakes and flowing water streams are closed. This is to monitor the Lakes for Whirling Disease as these waters contain BNP'S only populations of pure strain Native Westslope Cutthroat Trout. Included on the list as closed to fishing this year are the following lakes... Sawback ,Rainbow , Mystic and Marvel. Hopefully all the testing is concluded this year and the Lakes are back open next year but then again who knows how long this process will last.
  8. In the Mid 80's we stocked several creeks in the area with help from the local fish and game club. We put Browns in Carrot Creek , Bench Creek and may other obscure locations.
  9. I always wondered about that..Can't the Parks Super just do a declaration...They do all the time during the summer...
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