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  1. Ok cool thanks for the info. I'm old too bud just a nomad lol
  2. I'm actually at Hawk lake lodge bowbonehead, the fishing was slow in may but the last week some big fish caught!
  3. Great info "sparkplug, danhunt, and scel"! Really appreciate all the info keep em coming! Have the new fly fisher here for a couple more days need too pick Colins brain before he leaves...
  4. Hi everybody! I don't post often anymore but browse every now and then. I hope your all fantastic and enjoying the beautiful rivers and lakes in Alberta, myself lve been givin a great opportunity too catch world record class walleye and bass as a guide at a lodge in North western Ontario the "canadian shield" l was hoping you guys could share some tactics you would try? I'm not a beginner by no means but would love to hear some of yours even if you've never fished here before. They're definitely eating live minnows, a fellow today caught a 32" walleye and 27"+ are normal everyday around here on live bait but l wanna be the guy on the fly with them lve hooked a few with a black,purple, and white clouser but snapped me off, l have fast sinking line and floating so l should be able to cover alot of area's. Also the temperature hasn't been consistent at all, low of 7 tonight lol, any help is greatly appreciated and if you don't wanna post it a pm is just as good! Hope everybody has a great summer I'm already missing the Bow and all the other trout spots feels weird but exciting exploring new area!
  5. Try at dark thats when the monsters come out.
  6. Caddis im a artist and just dont understand why art in calgary has to come from overseas instead of supporting and showing off local talent.
  7. Really Calgary waste that much money on a giant blue ring? Also its not even from artists in calgary,or our province or canada? Whats the meaning of it relating to Calgary? After the big flood we had they spend money on this? Just DUMB.
  8. Hey everybody hope all is fantastic, quick question lve never been to a nfl game before gonna go to this one but dont know what seats to get? Any info is much appreciated. Tight lines peeps.
  9. probably ended up on his dinner table aswell :$*%&:
  10. Great pics, l wish l went too half the places you went too this year. But the mac is a dirty mistress that has had me all year. Thanks again
  11. Ok lol, that pic was confusing a lil thanks, and kudos to you for cleaning up the waters your fishing at. I do the same on the bow but its never ending...
  12. Awesome trip story and photos, what was the fourth pic of? Otter?
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