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  1. I have one for you here, you can use the shop if you need it. Hammie
  2. I had my new tip in 3 days. Send your rod in if you want the best color match. Cost $55
  3. Dutchie, Give a call anytime this week. I have a new line for the 6 weight switch to try. Talk to you soon. Thanks, Doug
  4. Dutchie, I would like to try that S series, let me know where and when. Thanks Doug
  5. TFO Deer Creek 5/6 with a delta spey, my Bow nymphing rod. Anyone tried airflo's new speydicator line?
  6. Watch his other tying videos, quick and easy "guide flies"
  7. Ran across this site and thought I would pass it on. http://flyartstudio.com/wordpress/
  8. Hi Al, I just bought a used 17 foot SeaArk with a 40/30 jet from Hyde Drift Boats in Idaho. The previous owner traded it in for a Power Drifter. I had Hyde set the boat up for rowing. Works good on the Bow River - If you put 3 guys in the boat over 200 lbs it's doesn't really plane properly. Three skinny guys and it fly's. Email me for more info. You can come over and take a look at it. Doug
  9. Lethfisher, I added 4 inches to the fighting but on my temple fork 10 foot 8 weight. Stop in and see me at the fishing show, Sat evening at the Hook and Hackle booth. I will have the rod their and show you, it was easy.
  10. You guys are giving me too many ideas, went through my wood scraps and made 3 of these in 20 minutes. Cheeler, bring your dubbing block to the next meeting, I have to see it in action.
  11. That bumper is made of plastic, the rust is from your hitch. The paint flaked off the bumper because the weather was cold. I see this all the time as I work in the auto body industry. Let your insurance take care of it, do not pay any cash, because this person could be back in 6 months claiming an injury.
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