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  1. Felt Soled Boots

    Troutlover. Thanks great info. WhAt types of soles can bd interchanged on the hodgeman?
  2. He is a fricken idiot goof. Hope it was a huge fine. That was a slab. Biggest brown I ever caught was there. People crapped when I put it back.
  3. Prussian Carp

    He said kill or eat them. Would not think they are very tasty. I hate the species. F ing idiots who introduce them.
  4. Road to Redemption ...video

    Great video Rob. Amazing what a person or two can bring to a community. Glad he turned his life around and the lad is well. Dream spot to fish.
  5. Felt Soled Boots

    As my boots are felt soled, and between water I want to fish just opened, and concerns for whirling disease, is soaking my boots in a bleach solution adequate for protection until I can replace them ? What do you guys use to clean your gear after?
  6. flies for kids

    Sending PM
  7. Water Clarity

    How clean is the Bow below the Highwood now ??? The Sheep is muddy, but have not seen the Highwood.
  8. South Boat Launches

    cgyguy, Ralph, this was on a recent post, so McK is open. Can only think of Mel for shuttle for now. Have a great day. Paul
  9. Howdy All. Does anyone know if McKinnon, Legacy or Johnsons launch is accessible and open yet? Thanks Paul
  10. Don't mind the 2 to 5.
  11. Red deer river

    Atta Boy.
  12. Red deer river

    You are driving me nuts. Edit it to Red Deer River. Lol AAHHHHH !!
  13. I would eat that.
  14. Left Kreh

    RIP Lefty
  15. Country Pleasures

    Sorry, but to be clear, are you suggesting CP is now closed ??