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  1. Don't mind the 2 to 5.
  2. Red deer river

    Atta Boy.
  3. Red deer river

    You are driving me nuts. Edit it to Red Deer River. Lol AAHHHHH !!
  4. I would eat that.
  5. Left Kreh

    RIP Lefty
  6. Country Pleasures

    Sorry, but to be clear, are you suggesting CP is now closed ??
  7. Ice free bow

    Be very aware of silent creepers. Sheets of ice can sneak up behind you and take you out. Almost happened to me.
  8. Kayak Fishing

    It played for me. Very cool.
  9. Introduction

    Pardon the Pun. You will be hooked on the Bow. I sent you a private message.
  10. Done, with additional comments.
  11. In With The New

    Happy 2018 to the members and family. Wishing all a healthy, lucrative year, with lots of time for the water. I have time to make up for this year.
  12. A few year end memories

    Rob, your pictures make me drool. Greathogs and ppictures.
  13. Shuttle Service

    I do think there is another service, but don't know the name. Have heard good things about Mel's service. I will ask a couple of guys. Do you still have your camp site?
  14. Shuttle Service

    Ralph. I have heard good things about Mel and his service.
  15. Best day of your life

    I will tip one to that.