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  1. Considering the massive flows that came with the 2013 flood, the availability of reservoir space offered by Ghost reservoir was/is completely insignificant. Even with a completely empty reservoir, all that would have happened was a delay of a few hours of the rushing water. Building a new dam that would flood the town of Cochrane in the extremely rare event of another 200mm/day storm seems crazy. Daily water fluctuations on the river every time it might rain is silly. How did people ever live here for the last 100+ years
  2. Sorry for you pain. Your heart is in the right place. Don't give up on being a good guy
  3. Cabin on the Liv

    Fur must be really prime in July and August
  4. There is a big buffalo jump along the river. Some of bones exposed now are charred There are a number of tepee rings on some hills over looking the river. They are almost grown over now There used to be an old building across from Legacy island. Square nails in the rough cut wood. The chuckwagons used to cross the river at the bottom of Legacy Island. I used to wade across the river there. As a kid we used to find wagon wheels in the river from time to time
  5. Have a look at Yokohama Geolanders if you are not planning to play in the mud a bunch
  6. Anybody else notice the changes

    Still some folks driving sidebysides and dirt bikes up the Oldman....and lots of machines were showing up today. A bridge was being installed over the river to access the one designated trail. If an officer shows up this weekend there will be lots to do with "educating" the motor-loving public. ACA is roving the area doing surveys
  7. Anchor rope for drift boat

    You don't need new rope....you need a swivel. Go to Mountain equipment
  8. Good to hear you could still cast. Saskatoon hunting is a dangerous game
  9. Cork ring replacement on rod

    Got some additional advice...the worst ring is just split but still about one-half attached to the blank. It was suggested than rather than removing it (as it is the perfect fit), just put some Gorilla glue under and around the area. Hold for a bit until tacky, then lightly spray the cork with water. The water activates the glue and the glue starts to expand and will fill in any voids. This is what I did. I wiped away excess as it bubbled up and then taped the area. I will give it a sanding tomorrow. I guess we will see how durable this fix will be. The Gorilla glue is said to expand 3x in volume so one has to be prepared for that. Thanks to all for you who gave some advice. I may be back....
  10. Cork ring replacement on rod

    Thanks Colin. I new you fellas had the knowledge I was looking for. I will see what I can accomplish. I need to get my big fish tool back into proper working condition.
  11. Cork ring replacement on rod

    Thanks for the note Lornce. What kind of glue to you recommend for this patch job?
  12. I need some advice from you folks who build/repair rods. The cork ring in the middle of my 7wt has split and half the ring is no longer secured to the blank. What is the best approach for replacing this ring? Would it be wise to change the two adjacent cork rings as well? What kind of glue should a person use? Looking forward to some wisdom. Cheers, Rob
  13. New Hank

    Priceless info. BE THE BUG
  14. Cool story scel. These river pelicans are just making adjustments to a new lifestyle that is different from "lake life". They are clever and very flexible when it comes to food sources. The pelicans are only one piece of the puzzle....but when there are hundreds of the big buggers, they are not something that should be ignored. I have been seeing more pelicans feeding mid-day this year which leads me to think that evening fishing has not been productive enough for them. High, dirty water and perhaps less fish may be effecting them as well. Considering pelican populations province-wide are below historical levels, there is really not much that can/will be done about them on the Bow
  15. I will tell the 20" rainbow I watched a pelican eat last week that it shouldn't worry...pelicans don't eat game fish....ya right I wonder why you see all the pelicans that are hunting right in the spots where there is good dry fly fishing....maybe they know where the trout are in the shallows. Historically the pelicans are lake dwellers, but the Bow river pelicans are not following the text books. They can eat huge fish well over 5lb. No trout in the Bow is safe