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  1. I think the numbers have rebounded since the loses due to the 2013 flood. Fish were massive in 2015-16 with less competition around. The fish this year have greatly reduced condition factors (a lot thinner). I hope there isn't a problem with the invertebrate populations. Hopefully the government plans to allocate more funds to monitor the population. Dr Post at the U of C has a steady stream of students eager to crunch some numbers
  2. Dragons

    Those will make a trout fat! Must have been some great takes
  3. Jayhad is a lover of the Brown trout
  4. No geese will ever land there. The spread cannot be stopped
  5. Got mine at Can Tire on the weekend
  6. Quite a few errors in the new printed regulations. See changes here: https://mywildalberta.ca/fishing/advisories-corrections-closures/default.aspx
  7. Toolman, do you find your T14 ever gets snagged in the rocks....or do you just make sure you cast downstream enough so there is not so much arc to the swing?
  8. Do you guys use an Ugly Stick for this style of fishing...
  9. Fishing in the Merritt area

    There are a few lakes on the ranch that the non-paying public can't fish at. Pennask lake rainbows home lake is in the area. The water was stained with tannins at the lakes I visited. Lots of chironomid fishing. Would be helpful to figure out a fly for fish eating emerging chironomids. Caddis will stop popping if it warms enough. Fish at Hatheume had external parasites that made them leap for the sky
  10. Whitefish should love you. I think they follow the spawners around. Most rainbows don't spawn in the river so I would imagine the other fish don't see many of their eggs. More eggs available in October from those gold colored fish
  11. Consistent catch of Browns over 28"

    I've only caught 2 over 28" in 40 years. I need more lessons I guess
  12. Saw this on the other provincial forum. Anyone else experience this kind of results. Very impressive: Jetboatjimi Join Date: Jan 2011 Posts: 6 Fishing the Bow River for big Brown Trout is a long living passion for me. Early in the season, I drift Bow River Buggers slowly through the fishes over wintering spots. Size 2 and 4. I also use Clouser Minnows and other large Streamers. Early on in the season, I use a slow retrieve. I have caught many Browns over 28" every year for almost 40 years. From Dry Fly Caddis fishing to pounding the banks.
  13. Literature talks about bigger buffer zone around water to limit sedimentation.....that would be great. Hopefully there is staff to enforce the new ideas And maybe not log the valley with the premier Bull spawning creek in the bottom....brutal planning in the past.
  14. https://talkaep.alberta.ca/livingstone-porcupine-hills-footprint-and-recreation-planning
  15. Rotenone has been used in flowing water. I wonder if there are any rainbows above the falls on the Oldman. That is the kind of spot they could pour in some rotenone and restock with pure Cutts. I think there are some places in the States where they created some fish barriers and started over again with pure fish