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  1. Rotenone has been used in flowing water. I wonder if there are any rainbows above the falls on the Oldman. That is the kind of spot they could pour in some rotenone and restock with pure Cutts. I think there are some places in the States where they created some fish barriers and started over again with pure fish
  2. Gaspe 2017 Trip Report

    Looks very nice there. Sounds like you might need to bring a sack of gold for good access though
  3. Low numbers of pure Cutts is going to result in closures. It will only be a matter of time
  4. Good post. I have seen giant ice flows break off and float down the Bow. Keep your head up and always keep note of what is upstream of you.
  5. A few year end memories

    Cheers lads. I think the Bow has been very good to a lot of people over the last couple of years
  6. Nice video Lornce. The museum is kind of like fly fishing "mecca"
  7. Best day of your life

    It was great...right until that bobber showed up
  8. Feed them how they like it on the Yamsi https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHUXPkQosjVxl8rt8hzbTNw
  9. Feed them how they like it
  10. A conversation with Carl Hunt

    Carl is bang on. Too bad the government is so afraid to police/punish industry. Anglers are an easy target with no backlash, and therefore the government can have the "appearance" of doing something by changing some recreation regs.
  11. Pics from the 2016-2017 Season

    Well done. Some fine looking fish
  12. grizwalsh

    You could get by with a 7wt for Steelhead....more fun for trout