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  1. 3rd Worst Yard Guy

    Can you call Larry David?
  2. 3rd Worst Yard Guy

    There are things that tear us away from the thing we love to do most, which is fish. The primary time suck is the job. I can't do anything about that, we need money to feed the habit. Kids and wife are next, neglect those at your own risk. Next is yard care. Yard care sucks. But the negative attention of ignoring it can be severe. Here is my advice on maximizing fishing time while minimizing yard care: 3rd Worst Yard Guy
  3. Hitting the Gym after 50

    It's becoming obvious to me that if I want to keep going to the places I want to fish, some sort of physical fitness is required. As I am genetically incapable of doing things half way, here is my experience with OrangeTheory fitness: https://wordpress.com/post/juststumblingthroughlife.com/2531 It's not a serious review, pretty tongue in cheek.
  4. MS Auction 2018

    Glad I could help!
  5. MS Auction 2018

  6. MS Auction 2018

    Thanks for participating everyone! Winners are: eotr on items 1 and 2. dhurst on item 4.
  7. Fundraiser for 2018

    A little over 24 hours to go. Items 2 and 4 same as above. Item 1 at $220. For a custom made fishing rod. Have at it folks!!
  8. MS Auction 2018

    Oh, these end Sunday at 8PM!! Sorry I did not post that.
  9. Fundraiser for 2018

    Auction Status: Item 1: $175 by FinnDawg Item 2: $500 by ArtVandelay Item 4: $200 by darrinhurst item 3 had to be removed this year.
  10. MS Auction 2018

    I was thinking I could do this in August instead of September, but I just can't find a date that can work. Last year was great, everything but the fish!
  11. MS Auction 2018

    I am temporarily suspending bids on the Jasper trip. Should know early next week if this is still a go. Sorry! Life got in the way.
  12. Fundraiser for 2018

    Auction is running on the fundraiser page!
  13. MS Auction 2018

    Here are the auction items up for auction for my MS Fundraiser for 2018. As I've said in the past, this is a very personal cause for me as my little sister is an MS sufferer and has been for about 10 years. For her there are certainly some physical symptoms, but the biggest for her is short term memory loss-pretty tough thing to deal with when you manage the sales force for a major home builder in SE Texas! Even still, she live her life to the fullest never knowing when this disease might stop her in her tracks. Anything I can do to help fund research to help eradicate this disease I'm all in on. Anyway, there is a link to my donation site in my signature if you'd like to donate. Or bid below. All proceeds will go to the MS Society here in Canada. Item 1: Custom rod building kit including CTS blank, Struble reel seat, cork rings, guides (stripping guide plus single foot or Ti coated snakes), and thread. The winning bidder will be able to choose one of the following blanks: Affinity MX 8' 3wt, Affinity MX 9' 6wt, Affinity X 9'6" 6wt, or Affinity Switch 10'6" 6wt; and will also be given their choice of parts. I have built several rods on CTS blanks and have always been happy with them. The Affinity X is a fast to extra fast blank with a ton of power and yet a delicate tip, the Affinity MX is moderate fast to fast and very nice to cast, while the Affinity Switch is medium fast and very light in hand. Donated by FishPro. I will send this to my kids as father's day is coming! Item 2: A Guided Bow River Float trip donated by Hanson's Outfitters. This is a full day float and lunch will be provided. Trip date on a mutually acceptable date, and you will meet at the "river house" which is right on the Bow on the end of the road past Policeman's flats. This is good for one or two anglers. Hanson's has donated this trip to me pretty much every year I've done this and every person who has gone has wrote to me telling me what a great time they had. Item 3: Removed Item 4: Build your own trip, donated by me I'm torn this year on what to offer. My yearly trip is a bit up in the air as my favorite river on earth got burned up. It still might fish ok, but most all of the camping spots were burned up. So here is what I can offer: Any weekend in September (best to do weekend after long weekend) I have a truck and a trailer. I can go anywhere in Alberta, BC, Montana. I would even consider Parkland in Manitoba. My recommendation would be to leave Calgary 0 dark 30 on a Wednesday and fish thru Saturday, travelling home on Sunday. I have a bunch of ideas, can work out with the winner. I would say this is for up to 2 anglers, the trailer gets crowded and someone would be in a top bunk! Once we finalize, generally a couple of other friends join up. Trust me, if you like to laugh you want these guys around! Gas is on me, I supply the food. If I do say so myself I put on a pretty good spread for a camping trip, assuming you like grilled things. Just for transparency, I am also going to list these items on my FB page and transfer any bids from there to this site. I will close this on Sunday, June 3 at 8 PM. Please be generous in your bidding, these are fantastic items. Everyone here knows what a float trip goes for, a custom rod, and what 2 days guided in Jasper is worth, and you get to donate to a worthy cause. Good luck!
  14. If people only commented on things they know about or understand, 95% of the internet traffic would cease, at least the not trying to sell you something part. Take away misunderstandings and we'd be up to 99%! Ok, minus cat pictures as well.
  15. Clear water is confusing?