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Coal mines on the Eastern slopes


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Those of you who like me are concerned about potential coal mines on the Eastern Slopes might want to have a look at this video and share it widely.


Understand too that it’s not just the Grassy Mountain mine. There are several other mines being planned including one on Cabin Ridge, which is right smack between the Upper Oldman and the Livingstone Rivers. All this destruction in order to send coal to China and dollars to Australia.

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If you are concerned about the Grassy Mountain coal mine and its effects on our waterways, fishing and existing economies in the Pass, you can leave a comment for the panel here:




I have already registered my firm opposition to this project as I believe it is a very poor and short-sighted investment with a terrible risk/reward profile. 400 temporary jobs (the mine only has a 23 year life span) that will generate only about $100 million/year in tax revenue, yet potentially threaten the existing perpetually self-sustaining economies (tourism, fly-fishing, etc.) that bring in much more tax revenue does not make sense. Not to mention the risk to our pristine waterways and fish which are already threatened by whirling disease. The addition of selenium and/or other contaminants in the water would finish them off. 



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Backcountry Hunters and Anglers , Alberta Chapter has a call to action on this subject. Visit the website and send your views on this important matter. This is a great conservation organization that has helped with many issues regarding the preservation of public lands. 

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On 11/4/2020 at 2:46 PM, sanky said:

I just have one more comment to make on this issue....Why have we NOT seen any fly fishing publications and or their web-sites talking about this very issue or have I missed something? 

You raise a very good point. I believe Hatch (?) magazine in the USA dedicates space in it's issue to such concerns in the US. I would like to see our own publications do the same. Fly Fusion magazine comes to mind as good one to adopt such a policy. The normal fair gets some what boring and redundant after a while.

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