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  1. When will the boat launches be open? E.g. MacKinnons
  2. I fished with a group ( 6 - 8, depending 9n the lake ) several lakes operated at the time by Mikisew Sports Fishing, a” business” entity of the local Ft. Chip band, I think…. That was many years back, 10+, and I know they( ??) shut down that entire operation. So I would suggest that you contact the band office at Ft Chip and find out if/when/how you can access the surrounding lakes. PM me if you want more details…. Pete
  3. For the past several years, I’ve been working hard at becoming a “minimalist” in the gear I carry around. For Chironomids, of which I’ve got a ton after tying them for over 40 years, I’ve gone to having 4 boxes, clear plastic with 12 compartments each that easily hold 4-6 of those tiny little critters in each compartment. Perfect fit in my vest or pontoon boat/belly boat.y That gives me 12 patterns per box, and one box for each of sizes 12-14-16-18, that’s close to 200 flies and I figure if I can’t catch a fish with that assortment, I need to …… Try local shops first and if not, I know that the big box store in town has some of that type of boxes
  4. Very nice tie, should produce some big fish with those subtle colours
  5. Wow! What a fantastic story, I’m sure we have similar stories to be told all around us, if we simply take a bit of time to find them and listen.
  6. Brings back memories of when I rebuilt my Dad’s split cane Rod about 20 years ago. I grave it to my nephew about 6 months ago since he now fishes the same area that Dad did, other than a “newer” fly line, and guides, the rod and reel are still catching those pan fry brookies! Thanks for the memories......
  7. Great idea! I’m in for a doz. Used to take the grandkids to Mitford Pond in Cochrane, no Kids Can Fish last year but stocking took place. A few days after stocking 3-4 Mergansers discovered the buffet and had a great ole time! But before last year we used flies and bobbers on a spin rig, great success. Two years ago, after landing and releasing 5 fish in about 45 minutes, the grandson decided he had enough because he was to only one catching fish and it was not fair for the other kids.
  8. Thanks Lornce, let’s all stay safe for the holidays and look forward to the summer fun we can have sans-covid.
  9. Excellent video(s), thanks. I remember going down to launch and on the last portion just before the last turn having to pass another vehicle coming up. Went a bit too far on the left edge and the road gave in, almost went tumbling but I’ve never since appreciated my 4WD as I did that day.
  10. I’d seen this before, thanks for bringing it up again
  11. Thanks, looks like it will be much easier to travel up and down, specially with any other traffic on the road
  12. Does anyone have pictures or a web site address that shows the work being done to upgrade (?) access
  13. I agree with your proposal. This forum is not Ki#j##
  14. Well that’s different, original and colourful. Very nice tie
  15. I feel for the Pro guides, not so much for the “privateers” who only do 5 or so trips a season. Also feel for the shops and their staff. Hopefully there is some form of financial support going to help guides and shops. This pandemic will undoubtedly change things and I hope most make out OK in moving fwd as this situation evolves. Hang in there folks, you are a valuable element of our sport.
  16. It is and will be a matter of enforcement and education. I don’t expect any level of government to allocate limited resources to enforcement. Educational signage as required and as much social media/electronic advisories & information, e.g. Prov. Website, ACA, TU, et al will do a lot but ultimately it will be self enforcement by individual anglers that will make the most sense. Hopefully we anglers can do that better than anyone else without needing “adult supervision”
  17. There is social distancing, if/when you need to go out for essentials. Then there is self- isolation as in stay home. So hopefully fishing folks can figure out what’s best to do. I’m doing both of the above.
  18. I just sent minister Nixon a short note to say thank you for the effort, and to encourage him and the cabinet to continue with this type of initiative. I have 3 grandkids aged, 3,6 and 9 and I take them out every year to a local stocked pond with Kids Can Fish days and we have a blast. I’m now encouraged that they will be able to do the same with their own kids and maybe grandkids, later in life, while in watch them most likely for my cloudy perch. $46M in these tough days is a lot, but small in light of the overall budgets, but well invested not just for us current fisherman but also for all future generations of fishers.
  19. 1- Worst season ever, P.S. been fishing the Bow for over 30 years 2- F&W doing a fish count last Friday, sept 13 3- For me and fishing buddies, a good day on the Bow means good company, nice weather, and one or two releases, this year had the first 2 but lacked the 3rd 4- “The River is not the same as it was...... nor am I, and likely never will be, but still could be a nice recreational fishery 5- Concerned that this might increase pressure on other accessible fisheries like mountain streams 6- Would not object to additional regulations and/or constraints on the level of pressure e.g special licenses or seasonal closures or other such measures, as long as they are applied universally e.g all fishers regardless of residency
  20. I do mine in a two tone version, dark on top and lighter on bottom. I use PT for the top and mini wing case and marabou for the bottom and tail
  21. Nice smoke jumper, I use that pattern very effectively on the mountain streams, upper Highwood, Oldman and Livingston
  22. I agree with everything being suggested, I am also reminded of something that Jim Mcl said in one of his books, that goes along these lines “ Learning to Fly fish is like learning ballet, you can’t do it by simply reading books....” so get some good basic gear, take lessons, do some reading, but most importantly get out on the water with a knowledgeable buddy. I’m sure many on this board would gladly help out with this.
  23. Just wondering if anyone has scientific/entomology information (or access to) about the family and genus of the Caddis we encounter on the Bow and other local streams, Livingston, upper Highwood, upper Oldman etc. I usually fish a lighter coloured body , (light olive/grey) and wing in the spring, some size 12, mostly 14, some 16, a darker body (brownish/olive) colour in the fall, mostly size 14, some 16. For hackle I use a light ginger for spring and a light brown dyed or olive dyed grizzly.
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