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Help me find a new stick

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I've been fishing Sage rods exclusively since 89, and I currently have 11 of them that need to go into warranty. I haven't purchased any current models as owning ONEs has made me concerned about quality control.  After shattering my 490VXP last season and being told I will probably get a new model I don't really want to push my smaller sage sticks anymore.

I fish meat on all of my rods from 2wts and up, coupled with heavy full sinks, most of the small rods aren't designed for this, hence $1500 of "shipping and processing" fees.

I am a fan of fast sticks.

There isn't much info out there for small creek streamers rods, so I come to you.  If you were looking for a 4 weight 9' to toss full sinks and big streamer what would you use?

No grass or glass


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25 minutes ago, monger said:

I have a 5wt 8' 6" RPL that rotates between dries and a sink tip(6wt line...still works).

I casted a friends's 5wt Recon....nice fast rod. It could do a sink tip

I like all my RPL+'s pushed one weight class

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Thanks for the responses. I purchased an Echo 3 486 from Out Fly Fishing. I'll really work it out next week and tell you all my thoughts. I'm sure there are tons of rods out there like the Sages from the 00s .

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