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  1. I like Echo quite a bit. I have fished heavy sink tip with a 2 streamer set up on a 5 wt but it is a bit overloaded. The salt water version has a bit more backbone.
  2. I promised myself to stay out of this, but will throw in my 2 cents worth. The Navigation Protection Act as I understand it provides for public access to navigable waterways, of which the Bow is included. The river and streambed is also crown land, and I am not sure of the legal implications of the city and or province imposing regulations on crown land, not to mention limiting or impeding access to a navigable waterway.I am not a lawyer, so I cannot speak to whether or not it is appropriate for the city to be limiting access to the bank to launch boats. As a boat owner, I am concerned about the lack of access to launch facilities in the city and along the Bow in general. I am also concerned about the yahoos who view the riverbank as a good place to park. I I will also admit that my first time out this year I did launch upstream of the bridge before the sign was installed, and my second time at graves I did not see the sign, but knowing it was there launched south of the bridge. Having launched there this past weekend I will openly state that the signage is useless, one small sign on the ramp down into the launch, and the barricades are awfully close together, I wouldn't want to be making a tight turn either in or out. I think the better solution would be to continue with trying to educate people about the fact that it is provided as a boat launch for the launching of boats, not a convenient parking spot close to the water. It is unfortunate that responsible users of the area are painted with the same brush as irresponsible users. I also feel it is a great injustice for the responsible users to be punished for this when the city fails to provide adequate alternatives. There is a lot that needs to be done to improve access to the river, and the knee jerk reaction to shut down access will lead to bigger issues. Sorry for the rant.
  3. i love my 4 wt Loomis Pro4x, Less than 500 and feels very similar to the NRX. Action is tight, and fly placement has improved as I have learned to cast better.
  4. I have fished with Josh Nugent quite a bit and he and his guides will work their butts off to get you on fish.
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