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Huatulco, Mexico


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Some shots from the recent trip my wife and I took to Huatulco, Mexico:


Bonita on the fly rod!



Jackie's Bonita
And another:
Eating our catch!
Day 2, leaving the resort:
Our guide, Elias, with a tigerfish
Can't remember what this was called, but I caught several:
A little jack, really fun to catch!
Elias had to get a bigger one for "mama"
Another tiger. We caught a pile of these also, along with some smaller grouper. Elias and I both hooked big grouper, but got cut off in the rocks both times!


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Awsome! My wife and I and another couple spent a whole day with Elias. He took us fishing, snorkeling, to secluded beaches, he even caught a sea turtle with his bare hands! Quick pic and let it go! I watched him spear an octopus too. Nice fish I will be taking my fly gear next time down there! Reccomend Elias to anyone who heads down that way!

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He's awesome. I've fished with him like 4 times now. He has a couple of my rods and reels. I traded him a 8 wt TFO and a Akuma (I think) reel for a trip two years ago and gave him an old (but trusty) Shimano Chronarch SF100 for a tip this year. I have a couple of them and really never use them any more except when I go to Texas, so it felt really good to see it go to a place where it will be well used and appreciated! He told my wife it was like getting a Christmas present. Most of the pictures of fishing around the rocks was a trip he brought me out on to show him how to adjust the casting controls, etc on the reel. We had a "Mexico vs America" fish off! After that day, Elias and his wife went into town and bought my wife a nice present, and I got some 100 yr old Tequila. He is an fantastic guy, great fisherman, always smiling. I agree Muay-I could not recommend him more.

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I pm'd, but here is Elias's contact info:

958-587-8610. If you google Elias Vasquez fishing you will see a bunch of Trip adivsor and other reviews. If anyone uses him, tell him "El Pescadoro Ricardito" says hello and ask how the Shimano Chronarch (gold bait casting reel) is working for him. Reading the above has me all nostalgic.

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